As hair of the person by years change

As hair of the person by years change

Hair are constantly growing "organism". It is explained by cellular activity of follicle which serves as storage of hair bulb. Over the years the activity decreases, there is the first gray hair, growth of hair slows down.


  1. In hair bulb continuously there is mitosis (division) of cages. They become mature, lose kernels and keratizirutsya. The keratin is albumen of which hair consist. Over time hair drop out, so there is natural process of updating. And here follicles remain the same, they both have been given from the birth to the person, and will sostarivatsya together with organism.
  2. With age less melanocytes - cages which develop the painting pigment (melanin) are formed. The pigment is located in cortical substance of hypodermic part of hair. There it mixes up with vials of air that leads to loss of natural color of hair. It becomes light, and then white at all. Gray hair weaker, difficult gives in to laying. Such changes can happen because of age changes in organism, because of the endured stressful situations, disease, heredity. The gray hair is capable to be shown at any age, this process is individual for each person. But, on average, the first signs of aging are visible closer to 30 years.
  3. With age not only the hair color, but also growth rate can change. It is necessary to let grow long braid long. It is connected with the fact that exchange processes in organism slow down, in follicle of cage share not so intensively. Pressure created in follicle during mitosis forces hair grow up. To awaken hair bulbs, it is possible to use stimulators for growth on the basis of minoksidil. It is necessary to apply medicine to head skin each 12 hours. It is not admissible to take break because then the due effect will not follow. It will be required to carry out similar therapy all life.
  4. In process of growing also the indicator of density of head of hear changes. It decreases by 10-15%. It happens because of dystrophy of hair follicle. Dystrophy dihydrotestosterone (DGT) causes hormone. Hair become thinner over time, the phase of their active growth is shortened, the normal hair turns into vellus. Still after a while the follicle grows with connecting fabric, and hair cease to grow. The susceptibility to DGT hormone at all different is also defined by heredity. For this reason the hair can thin not for 15%, and for 70-80% that leads to baldness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team