Whether your organism has enough rubidium: in what advantage of a microcell how to reveal shortage or a surplus

Whether your organism has enough rubidium: in what advantage of a microcell how to reveal shortage or a surplus

Rubidium belongs to soft alkaline metals, there is it at various minerals, rocks, and still — at waters of the World Ocean. This microcell for the current time is poorly studied. Nevertheless, it is known that in a human body it can act as synergist of potassium. Rubidium caught the name at the expense of a reddish shade of its spectral lines as from Latin of rubidus it is translated as red.

Description and characteristic

Atomic number of Rb chemical element — 37. In common form it is silvery and whitish alkaline metal which has soft consistence and easily melts. On the chemical characteristics he very much reminds potassium and sodium. As separate independent chemical element he was opened in 1861 in Germany thanks to chemists R.W. Bunsen and G.R. Kirchhoff. Such opening was promoted by application of the spectral analysis which only began to take root at that time.

The discussed chemical element is very spread on our planet. In earth crust its total stocks exceed the quantitative content of combined copper, nickel and zinc. As for waters of the World Ocean, concentration of the considered microcell in it is significantly lower. In the nature he can be met only in a scattered form therefore minerals of rubidium do not exist. On prevalence such chemical element takes the 20th place.

As a by-product it can be taken from lepidolite, the pollutsit, amazonite and other minerals which are available in the territory of Namibia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and a number of the countries of South America.

Important! To rubidium the high level of chemical activity is characteristic. At contact with air this element very quickly is oxidized to hydroxide and oxide. It should be noted that hydroxide of rubidium is very strong alkali which is capable to corrode even glass.

For the current time the considered element widely is used in the industry and the equipment. Apply it as the catalyst when create quality optics. Also use in the nuclear industry and medicine as substance for sterilization, for example, or as antiseptics.

Functions and biological role

As it was told earlier, for today the role of the discussed microcell in a human body is studied not completely. Nevertheless, there is a number of functions to which performance the considered element precisely promotes:

  • rubidium is capable to replace potassium in the same quantity when performing a number of processes, at the same time being his synergist. In particular, such chemical element helps to activate the same enzymes which are activated by potassium;
  • has antihistaminic properties that allows it to interfere with histamine receptors, braking it and not allowing to make impact on the respiratory courses, skin, a GIT and so forth.

Important! Getting into a human body, rubidium can make the antiallergenic impact and also calming and anti-inflammatory.

The products containing rubidium

The discussed microcell is present at many foodstuff with which gets into a human body. But its greatest number meets in such components of a food allowance:

  • mineral water, coffee and tea. The person who takes such drinks regularly only at their expense can provide the organism with such chemical element for 40% of necessary norm. Of course, such indicator is an average;
  • champignons and cepes;
  • greens and also many vegetables (parsley, fennel, spinach, beet, radish and so forth);
  • berries and fruit;
  • bean cultures;
  • cereal cultures.

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Daily requirement and norms

In an organism there is about 1 g of rubidium. This substance accumulates usually in lungs, a brain and in a bone tissue. About 80% of such microcell are soaked up by a GIT, and allocation it almost completely comes from a human body at the expense of kidneys.

If the adult eats usual varied food, without keeping to any special diets, then during the day he can consume about 1.7 mg of rubidium. Such volume significantly exceeds amount of the consumed iodine, chrome, nickel, selenium and molybdenum.

Whether you know? The famous Ancient Greek scientist Pythagoras of bean did not use, was sure that souls of the dead settle in them. By the way, the peanut loved by many is also the representative of this family, and not nut in any way.

Deficiency and surplus: reasons and symptoms

Speaking about characteristics of rubidium, it should be noted that, both the deficiency, and a surplus of this chemical element in an organism, can negatively affect human health and its general health.


If long time comes to a human body insufficient amount of the discussed chemical element, the risk of development of a disease of the mental direction appears. Other symptoms which, according to clinical trials, can be shown as a result of the shortage of such microcell, the following:

  • loss of appetite;
  • premature birth;
  • slowing down of pre-natal development of a fruit;
  • significant reduction of life expectancy.

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It is proved that rubidium has very high toxicity in this connection it was carried to the second class on this indicator. The surplus of such microcell is fraught with some unpleasant consequences:

  • arrhythmia;
  • headaches;
  • sleep disorder;
  • irritation of mucous membranes;
  • irritation of an integument;
  • manifestation of an allergy;
  • inflammation of the respiratory courses of chronic character;
  • proteinuria.

Whether you know? Temperature of melting of rubidium is only 39 degrees Celsius.

Interaction with other substances

Study rubidium usually in a complex with caesium. Interactions of such minerals influence a human body as follows:

  • support and stimulate activity of blood circulation;
  • increase the level of arterial blood pressure;
  • can narrow vessels.

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Also considered couple of chemical elements helps to increase the level of protection of an organism against many diseases due to strengthening of immunity. They destroy and bacteria and microbes which have pathogenic effect kill and also increase quantity characteristics of colourless blood cells. In addition, thanks to rubidium the organism can fight against oxygen starvation.

So, considering that the products containing rubidium are in a daily diet practically of each person, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the deficiency of this element to you is not terrible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team