As in month to lose weight by 10 kilograms without harm for health

As in month to lose weight by 10 kilograms without harm for health

There are situations when there is a wish to say goodbye to hated kilograms in the shortest terms, for example, to look stunning approaching in the flying. But whether it is possible to lose weight by 10 kg and not to do much harm to the health? To lose excess weight quickly quite really, however for this purpose it is necessary to make every effort.

To dump 10 kg within one month the observance of two main conditions in the form of healthy nutrition and physical exercises is necessary. Also it is necessary to say goodbye to some addictions which prevent to lose weight and have an adverse effect on health.

Addictions which prevent to lose weight:

1.      Insufficient amount of the drunk liquid. Water in number of 2 liters daily is necessary for each adult and furthermore to growing thin. Without enough liquid to lose weight and furthermore on 10 kg, it will not turn out as water brings the collected toxins and slags out of organism.

2.      Supper. The last meal has to be carried out around 18 hours. If in the evening you are overcome by feeling of hunger, then it is possible to afford easy having a snack in the form of green or herbal tea and some vegetable, for example, of cucumber.

3.      Wrong combination of products. Fats categorically are not combined with carbohydrates therefore it is impossible to lose weight, using potatoes and pasta with fat meat.

4.      Late withdrawal for sleeping. During the period from 21 to 2 o'clock one o'clock in the morning in organism of the sleeping person the somonotropny hormone taking active part in splitting of fats is produced. For this reason in dream we do not hunger. If we go to bed too late, then, respectively, we lose this important hormone in weight loss.

Healthy nutrition

To lose extra kilos, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition. At diet of the growing thin person by all means there have to be fresh and made vegetables (except potatoes), fruit and fruit juice (except grapes and banana), boiled eggs, dairy products with the small content of fat (cheese, kefir, cottage cheese), whole-grain bread, grain (except manna). If you want to have slim figure, then it is necessary to refuse the use of the following products: rich bakery products, sweets, fat, oil, fried and smoked meat, spices, salt and alcohol.

Physical exercises

Without increase in physical activity to lose weight by 10 kg within month it is unreal. As option, it is possible to register in 2-hour occupations in the fitness center. If you have no opportunity to visit trainings 2-3 times a week, then it is possible just to refuse the elevator, to pass several public transport stops on foot, to try to do morning exercises and evening exercises. This package of measures promotes burning of 500-600 excess calories a day.


If you have decided to dump 10 kg in month, then it is necessary to get acquainted with possible contraindications not to do harm to the health. So, any sharp changes in diet are undesirable to the people having the problems connected with work of digestive tract. People cannot increase physical activity with diseases of cardiovascular system. Also weight loss, and furthermore such emergency, contraindicated pregnant women and the feeding women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team