As it is beautiful to style flowing hair

As it is beautiful to style flowing hair

Beautiful long hair are wealth. The brilliant curls filled with force and health make the girl irresistible. It is possible to style flowing hair in several ways, each of which will completely change female image.

The straight flowing hair which is simply dried up by the hair dryer quickly bothers. There is a wish for variety, and girls often think of what laying to make. During creation of beautiful laying the huge arsenal of means and devices will come to the rescue: curling irons, hair curlers, irons, invisible beings, hairpins and many other things.

Hot laying

If you want ideally smooth hair, use the iron. Wash up the head, dry up phenom and smooth each lock of hair. It is not recommended to use the iron on moist hair, it can lead to excessive evaporation of liquid and dry tips.

Curlies will help to create waves and nippers and thermohair curlers. Just wind locks, take necessary amount of time and record varnish. It is possible to leave wavy curls in the dismissed look or to pin up invisible beings on the one hand. For hot laying it is better to use ceramic devices with possibility of adjustment of temperature condition. Do not forget to use thermoprotective equipment, it will prevent dryness and fragility of hair and also split ends.

Cold laying

Laying under the name Malvina becomes very simply, at the same time is suitable both for every day, and for solemn occasions. Comb hair on the top and fix upper locks in nape. For evening exit it is possible to use beautiful hairpin with stones, rhinestones or flowers. Leave the remained hair either smooth, or wavy – at your choice. One more option of this laying: instead of pile and hairpin braid front locks in thin braids or plaits. Collect them on nape, having fixed by elastic band or tape. Stylish laying in the form of negligent waves creates feeling that you have carried out in the afternoon on the sea coast. For its creation it is necessary to spray hydrochloric solution on moist hair: on one glass of hot water add two tablespoons of salt, teaspoon of sea salt and teaspoon of almond oil. Squeezing hair, you will achieve easy disorder, and winding locks on fingers, – waves and curlies. It is necessary to dry such laying naturally, the hair dryer will damage it. On flowing hair various accessories beautifully look: bandages, rims, hairpins in the form of large flowers, etc. In everyday life they can be executed in minimalist style, and for solemn occasions decorate them even with gemstones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team