How to meet new love

How to meet new love

In life there are not only joyful events, but also disappointments, sometimes very bitter. Break in relations with darling, certainly, belongs to their number. Owing to the bigger emotionality it is taken by women especially hard. The reasons can be various. It is not necessary neither put an end to itself, nor to go to opposite extremes. The fact that someone was not lucky with the specific person does not mean at all that the bad luck will pursue all life. As to meet new love?


1. First of all – calm down, get it together. Banish emotions and call to the aid common sense. It is hard for all people, especially for women, but it is necessary to overcome itself! Objectively and impartially analyze the gap reasons, first of all – own behavior. Resist the clear and natural temptation to shift all blame on "this villain". Believe, it you will only do a disservice to yourself! If in the incident there is also your share of fault – is better honestly recognize it. It means that you will be able to avoid the same mistake in the future.

2. Do not become isolated on the incident at all, do not complain infinitely to mother, relatives, girlfriends, acquaintances. Were cried once – enough! Because, for what you will feel sorry all the time, sentencing: "All men are swine!", nothing will change. Unless you will get used to a role of the loser or sufferer, and it is necessary to you?

3. Remember examples when the woman who endured the same trouble and already mentally "given itself up as a bad job", met new love and literally "blossomed". For certain it happened or to your family, either to girlfriends, or to acquaintances, or to acquaintances of their acquaintances, at last. Cannot be that never heard such history! Tell yourself: "If she was lucky why the hell cannot carry to me?!"

4. Surely try to change scenery. It is very useful though for a while to leave the place where everything reminds of this bitter page of your life. Go to the resort – the best option for setting of the novel just does not exist. Find a foreign tour, depending on financial opportunities. Do not sit in place, within four walls! Meet with unfamiliar men more often!

5. You leave on people more, do not refuse the offer to visit a party, as a rule, many acquaintances are started exactly there. Attend various creative actions. If at you it is impossible to meet new love, maybe, it is worth changing image? Or at all cardinally to change.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team