As it is correct to look after legs, keeping health and beauty

As it is correct to look after legs, keeping health and beauty

Our legs constantly draw attention of men. It is pleasant to know that this attention is caused by beauty of legs. To keep their fine form and tenderness, it is necessary to put a lot of effort. How to look after legs to us, beauties?

Secrets on leaving: purity and special procedures

Our legs deserve daily water procedures. Legs during the day maintain considerable loading. Therefore the procedure of washing not only removes dust and sweat, but also helps to take off day fatigue. We soap feet of legs toilet soap and slightly we massage. Better to wash them with warm water, and to rinse — slightly cool. Do not forget about condition of the rest of legs. For massage of hips and shin use mitten. Pound skin before easy reddening and rinse with cool water. Wash legs after work at the dacha by means of soft brush from natural bristle.

 Baths belong to special procedures. In water for foot bathtubs usually add various structures. Additives define what benefit to legs will be brought by bath. Grass broths strengthen superficial epithelium, promote healing of small scrapes and cuts. There are means after which the perspiration of legs decreases or the general puffiness is removed.

Baths can be arranged no more once a week. Usually they are combined with other hygienic procedures: removal by means of pumice natoptyshy, nail care, clarification of skin with application of srub. Legs it is necessary to keep in the warmed-up water minutes fifteen. We finish all complex of the looking after actions putting cream with nutritious properties.

How to provide smoothness of legs and to eliminate defects

Today smooth legs are considered as beautiful. Therefore it is necessary to take care of timely removal from their surface hair. The most widespread way — mechanical, that is shaving. It one of the most injury-causing as leads to cuts on skin. It is necessary to know the rules capable to reduce probable damages. Skin of legs should be warmed slightly hot water, to put special skin or gel, and  then to undertake the razor. Do not save, buy "female" version of the razor — it was specially created under specifics of female requirements. We direct movements of the razor from below up, we try not to leave hairs. Shaving comes to the end with rinsing and putting cream.

If your skin transfers means for depilation — use them. Frequency of application is defined individually.

 Various callosities, natoptysh, fungal defeats, cracks belong to defects. At emergence of any of problems it is necessary to react immediately. Callosities appear from behind incorrectly picked up footwear. Select footwear carefully, now for this purpose there are all opportunities. Treatment of callosities, especially old, it is better to carry out according to the recommendation of the doctor. The defects which have appeared as a result of action of fungus are treated only medicamentally! Folk remedies can be applied in case the diagnosis and as addition to the main treatment is known.

The light step is possible only when legs healthy! In time liquidate all defects.

Correct pedicure

To indulge the legs, it is desirable to do pedicure in salon, at the checked master. It will provide to your legs massage, baths, nutritious masks, processing of nails.

 The same events can be held and  at home. Nail varnish is standing recommended to be chosen as neutral, imperceptible, or the same tone that on hands. Or so: if you want to draw close attention, choose bright. If you want to emphasize the refinement, stop the choice on transparent.

Emphasize beauty of own legs, do not hesitate!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team