As it is possible to dye hair during pregnancy

As it is possible to dye hair during pregnancy

During incubation of fruit the woman is comprehended by set of the bans directly connected with appearance. Some of them treat superstitions, others – are quite justified. The main issue - whether it is worth dyeing hair at pregnancy, experts will help to resolve. But if you for yourself have decided that all bans to you on anything, better to know how to carry out the procedure of coloring with minimal risk for the child.


  1. The main danger in chemical evaporations which are inhaled by the pregnant woman during coloring. Besides, paint elements through head skin are absorbed in blood and though researches do not confirm it, can negatively influence fruit. There is question, than to dye hair during pregnancy to secure the child.
  2. On the first trimester the doctors strongly recommend to refuse coloring of head of hear because of toxicosis and possible allergic reaction. Also during this period the main bodies so it is not necessary to put the child at risk are formed.
  3. There is probability that against the background of hormonal reorganization the shade which is not corresponding expected as a result will turn out. It though it is rare, but happens. And here from the second trimester it is already possible to take an interest how to dye hair to pregnant women without danger to the kid.
  4. Give preference to the tinting balms or highlighting – so paint will adjoin to smaller sites of head skin. Besides there are various methods of not chemical coloring which can become excellent alternative during this period.
  5. At visit of salon pay attention whether there is separate office there. If is not present, invite the master to the house better not to breathe thick steam of paint, varnish, skin for laying.
  6. Settle down houses at open window or extract and put on medical mask – so you do not inhale ammoniac vapors. Upon termination of coloring wrap the head polyethylene and towel. Besides, so you will minimize contact of airways with chemical evaporations.
  7. Reflecting whether it is worth dyeing hair at pregnancy, adopt henna and basma. These ingredients can give the most various shades at different dosages. Of course, similar dyes work only at the hair which are not painted earlier.
  8. If you clarified head of hear earlier, then it will be pleasant to you to learn how to dye hair pregnant with folk remedies. For maintenance of blonde shade camomile broth, rhubarb, saffron is often used.
  9. For the women preferring red palette to resolve dilemma than to dye hair during pregnancy, beet juice, onions peel and leaves of madder will help.
  10. Coffee with cognac and also leaves and shell of walnuts is applied to receiving chocolate shade. All these ingredients are hypoallergenic and do not affect health of fruit in any way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team