As most to be attractive also by charming

As most to be attractive also by charming

is rather difficult to woman to find time for personal care in everyday turmoil and circulation of everyday problems. To be charming and attractive, it is necessary to learn to combine labor everyday life and procedures for improvement of own body.


  1. You watch the food. Exclude greasy, spicy and flour food from diet. Refuse highly carbonated and high-calorie drinks. Get bathroom scales and control the weight.
  2. You go more on foot. Regular walks promote strengthening of immunity, increase in tone of muscles, improvement of musculoskeletal system and maintenance of work of heart.
  3. Refuse addictions. Nicotine and alcohol have negative effect on work of internals, condition of skin, hair and nails.
  4. Watch yourselves. Certainly, not all have opportunity to often visit expensive beauty and hairdresser's shops. But to make face pack, hair or nails it is possible also in house conditions.
  5. Periodically indulge yourself. Strict diets will do good, only if from time to time to allow organism to relax. The chocolate bar or favourite ice cream will not add to you extra kilos, and here you lighten the mood to yourself.
  6. Fall in love with yourself. Remember if you look for in yourself various shortcomings, you will be diffident and anxious with question, you are beautiful or not, it will be difficult to you to achieve desirable result.
  7. Do not compare yourself to others. If you think that someone has what you do not have, it can cause either admiration, or envy. If you begin to experience admiration, will become is more beautiful, and the envy does appearance disharmonious. Just be oneself, you are interesting that you are unique.
  8. You treat life with optimism. You will not be able to be ugly if you love life and to give this love to people around. Try to smile more often. The lovely smile, sincere laughter, sparkle in eyes are capable to make you the charming and attractive woman. Live positively, rejoice and smile to every day, and then all your undertakings will be followed by success.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team