As to men to look after face skin

As to men to look after face skin

The man is considered being brutal and proud which has to endure with firmness the hardships which are dropping out on him, influences of society and the environment. Nevertheless, he requires appropriate care for himself, behind the health and appearance too. Especially regular male skin care matters.

It is necessary to consider that male skin differs from women's on acid-base balance and some other factors. The difference in skin density is also obvious, men's – is 0.2 times more dense. But men have such advantage to which many women would envy. This availability in skin in enough melanin and collagen. Exactly thanks to it such concepts as early wrinkles or cellulitis are unknown to men.

But, because of presence of large number of capillaries, skin at men can change color for red and purple. As for fat glands, their hyperactivity causes unhealthy gloss, increase in perspiration, appearance of eels and even inflammatory processes. Experts constantly say about how the procedure of shaving adversely influences skin, reducing its protective mechanisms

Many various means are developed for protection and improvement of integument, besides, men need to look after skin correctly.

To take, for example, usual morning washing at which it is necessary to use the cleaning gel. You should not apply for this purpose soap as it quite often has the increased alkalinity that often leads to irritations. But also there is no need to abuse gel too if it is not caused by pathological fat allocation.

To feel pleasure from shaving and at the same time as much as possible will help to reduce negative impacts on the person several rules.

The razor has to be convenient, be kept clean. It is necessary not to allow zatupleniye to the shaving part and thicket to make replacement, blunted edges also the irritation causes later unpleasant, painful feelings in the course of shaving.

Before starting the procedure, skin needs to be prepared. The intended foam or gel which when drawing are distributed on skin are for this purpose applied especially for it, allowing to slide smoothly to the safety razor, reducing damages of surface and doing process easier and pleasant.

Though it would be worth noticing that gel it though not bad, but not the most ideal means since it can cause violations of natural balance of skin.

Much more delicately the means called emulsion oils which it is not worse than foam and gel work facilitate shaving process. Besides thanks to special properties they give the chance not to use aftershave lotions as leave protective medical film on face.

Directly after shaving it is necessary to pay to skin attention to recover it after the postponed stress. For these purposes the various creams and balms having toning, calming and healing effects are created. The choice of these means is possible for any skin.

With age men observe at themselves increase in dryness and sensitivity of skin. It is signal that it is time to forget about all cosmetics containing alcohol. At the cosmetology market it is presented many medicines containing natural components which work more softly and look after skin.

One washing and shaving are not enough for full leaving. It is worth to remember about influence on skin of sharp temperatures and bad weather. Because of these factors it is necessary to apply to prevention of deterioration in state cream, helping to get rid of dryness during the winter period and to reduce plentiful zhirovydeleniye in summer.

Time does not stand still, and the organism over the years does not look younger, but each person has opportunity to prolong excellent condition of the skin. Now the market of men's cosmetics "dazzles" with various agents of conditioning and prevention of aging. You should not neglect also the cosmetologist who will help you to pick up individually means which will ideally be suitable for your skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team