As yeast to cure pimples

As yeast to cure pimples

Beer yeast is widely applied in cosmetology, for example, uses them at fight against pimples. Appoint them both for external, and for internal application: such integrated approach allows to cure pimples in short terms.

Beer yeast has surprising structure: there are antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, zinc, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, RR, E, H, B vitamins and other valuable elements. Thanks to such diverse structure, beer yeast effectively struggles with pimples, accelerates process of renewal of cells of skin, saves from reddening and peeling and also saturates organism with complex of useful substances.

Features of intake of yeast

As a rule, the pharmaceutical companies produce beer yeast in the form of tablets to which the accompanying instruction is surely attached. The attending physician has to appoint dosage. Usually take beer yeast twice-three times a day in 17-20 minutes prior to food (it improves process of digestion of food). The course of treatment should be specified at the attending physician.

But you should not wait that the desirable result will come instantly: often after the beginning of intake of beer yeast note that rashes become even more. It is not necessary to worry as increase in quantity of pimples demonstrates that process of clarification of organism has begun and shortly everything is normalized.

Masks from beer yeast against pimples

For any type of skin the mask prepared according to the following recipe can be used: - 1 tablespoons of low-fat yogurt; - 2 tsps of beer yeast; - 1 tsps of carrot juice; - 1 tsps of juice of lemon; - 1 tsps of orange juice; - 2 tsps of olive oil. Yeast parts with yogurt, leaves mix for 5-7 minutes then enrich structure with juice and oil. The turned-out weight is applied to the cleaned skin, left for 15-17 minutes, then washed away cool boiled water. Recommend to do to owners of fat type of skin milk and barmy mask as a part of which there are such components: - it is a little milk; - 1.5-2 tablespoons of beer yeast. Yeast parts with warm milk and leaves for 5-7 minutes. Warm weight is applied to the cleaned skin, leave mix for 13-15 minutes. At regular implementation of such procedures (the mask is recommended to do once a week), work of sebaceous glands is normalized, the state and appearance of skin improves, in the risk of appearance of pimples also decreases. Perfectly the barmy mask prepared according to such recipe struggles with pimples: - 1 tablespoons of beer yeast; - 1 tablespoons of grape seeds; - it is a little water. Part yeast with warm water, then enrich mix with the grape seeds crushed in flour and carefully mix components. Medical mix is applied the gentle massing movements to the cleaned skin and left for 3-5 minutes. This cosmetic structure not only treats pimples, but also narrows pores and also normalizes work of sebaceous glands.

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