Care for skin of legs during pregnancy

Care for skin of legs during pregnancy

During pregnancy the woman needs to look after especially carefully the legs, increase in loading and change of hormonal background badly affect their state. The hypostases acting veins, the increased sweating, dryness of skin – it is possible to solve all these problems.

Bases of care for legs during pregnancy

Often during incubation of the child the woman faces that skin of legs becomes too sensitive and dry, begins to be shelled. Especially difficult happens to depilate as the skin begins to be irritated, on it small eels appear. If before pregnancy you did not do the special safe procedures allowing to depilate for long term, care for skin of legs will be a little complicated.

If skin of legs has begun to dry strongly, get habit every time before going to bed to rinse and grease it with large amount of special fat foot cream or castor oil. Softly mass body, applying cream – it is useful both for skin, and for muscles. Then put on cotton golfs or tights and you go to bed in them, without washing away cream. Thanks to such simple procedure, skin of legs will cease to dry, and you will not feel discomfort.

The remarkable means allowing to calm and effectively to moisturize the skin of legs during pregnancy, broth of grass of Veronika is medicinal. Buy such grass in drugstore and prepare broth at the rate of 2 tablespoons of Veronika on 1 l of boiled water. You cook means on slow fire of 5-7 minutes, then cool and filter. The received broth well is suitable for baths. Also it can be used as tonic, moistening cotton tampon in liquid and accurately processing it leather. Such means can even be not washed away before putting cream.

Useful recipes: skin baths foot

During pregnancy of the woman quite often face the increased sweating. The strong perspiration of skin foot not only is unpleasant, but also is dangerous: it becomes the reason of both unpleasant smell, and development of fungal diseases. However, fortunately, the problem can be solved easily. First of all it is worth remembering elementary hygiene. Daily rinse legs, wipe them and grease with the special cream interfering developing of fungal diseases and strengthening of sweating. That skin of legs during pregnancy was soft and healthy, did not sweat and did not become covered by cracks, it is necessary to do daily bath with oak broth. Buy the crushed bark of oak in drugstore, 200 g of this means fill in 1 l of water and you boil on slow fire within 20-25 minutes, and then filter. Add the received broth to warm water – on 1 tablespoon on each liter. Use such leg baths 15-20 minutes, and it will become much simpler to look after skin.

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