Folk remedies in fight against extensions

Folk remedies in fight against extensions

Loss of elasticity and elasticity of skin leads to emergence of extensions. Their education can develop against the background of hormonal failures, genetic predisposition, fast change of weight. The main problem zones are the breast, waist, hips and buttocks. It is necessary to fight against already appeared extensions which have "violet" shade without wasting time. With old extensions of "white color" it is more difficult, it is only possible to correct.

Use of the folk remedies incorporating natural components will be optimal and available solution. For achievement of visible result it is recommended to carry out regular complex treatment, using the following ways: clarification, food and massage. Srub from extensions:

- one glass of the burned-through sugar, one glass of salt, ½ glasses of vegetable oil. Skin will be more elastic if to mix in thick of ground coffee; - To fill in 100 g of ground coffee with boiled water to kashitseobrazny consistence, to leave for 15 min. having covered, to add one tablespoon of any vegetable oil.

Recommendations about skin clarification: • to rub srub several times a week 10 minutes; • to wash away, using contrast shower since it promotes increase in elasticity of skin and improves blood circulation; • to begin shower with warming up of body with warm water, then to alternate hot and cold water till several seconds taking into account that the hot shower is 2-3 times more long than cold, to finish the procedure with cold shower; • after clarification of skin to apply massage cream or oil on moist body. The effect of application of srubs will be noticeable in month. Cream from mummy: - 1 g of mummy, 1 h spoon of warm boiled water, 80 g of children's cream, several drops of oil of mint. The prepared cream from extensions needs to be stored in the fridge. It is better to rub once a day, for achievement of the best result to wrap problem places heat-resistant film and woolen scarf. Vitamin mix: ½ glasses of olive oil, ½ glasses of juice of aloe to add ten drops of vitamin E and five drops of vitamin A. To store the prepared mix in the fridge. To apply to skin vitamin mix in the morning and in the evening in combination with massage. Oil mixes: - vegetable oil (any) 2 tablespoons, rosemary 4 drops, oil of lavender, mint, carnation on 2 drops; - sea-buckthorn oil 2 tablespoons, oil of lavender, geranium, tangerine on 2 drops. It is better to apply mix on oily base in combination with massage after skin clarification. Massage - waist from below up; - stomach clockwise; - buttocks from hips to waist around; - hips from knees up. Massage needs to be done with putting oil, the easy tinglings which are not leading to skin stretching.

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