General recommendations about chemical wave

General recommendations about chemical wave

Most of modern women whom the nature has not awarded with curls do chemical wave. She is different and approaches absolutely under any face type. Curlies give to the woman more femininity and softness. Sometimes help to hide shortcomings on face. Girls with narrow face will suit wave waves, and to girls with larger face - the ""American"" wave. If the lady has small features, then it is better to do without magnificent wave.

Lately there were many ways of more sparing wave, for example ""American"". At such wave the curls look naturally.

It is better to do curls at the expert. He will pick up all necessary means, based on your type of hair that at the same time it not to do much harm. Anyway, what good were means for wave, hair under the influence of chemistry change the structure. After chemistry the curls become dry, fragile and need the balanced food and leaving.

If you have fat type of hair, the chemistry can be done no more than 3 - x once a year if dry, is even more rare. It is not recommended to do at the same time chemistry and to dye hair. From it they begin to drop out and split. To preserve hair, after chemistry it is worth waiting weeks 3 - 4 and only after that to paint.

If hair already fragile also split, then before going on wave, it is worth bringing them into healthy look. They already fragile why to finish them it is final?

For a start it is necessary to make hairstyle and to remove all splitting ends. Then to rub nutritious cream in head skin and to tie the head with towel. For the best effect it is possible to put on warm hat or scarf. After that wash the head with warm water with shampoo on the basis of egg white. This procedure should be carried out within month.

The condition of the general health and your mood also has great influence on result of restoration. During this procedure it is necessary to be completely weakened. If the mood bad, then is better to postpone procedure the next day. During treatment of hair think of something pleasant.

Choose that hairdressing salon where you will feel comfortably, elect also the master with whom it will be comfortable. You should not save on the hair. Having chosen where is cheaper, it is possible to get on the bad master and bad cosmetics. Therefore it is necessary to approach the matter competently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team