Henna is useful or harmful to hair

Henna is useful or harmful to hair

Disputes around henna are conducted long ago. Some consider that it revitalizes hair, others – on the contrary. Henna is produced from extract of henna or cassia which possesses number of the useful substances which are part. Despite this, even substances of plant origin in certain cases can do much harm. For this reason it is necessary to use henna only carefully, having weighed all pluses and minuses.

General information on henna

Henna – natural and eco-friendly product which only occasionally causes allergic reactions in people with hypersensibility of head skin. You should not confuse dye with the name of the same name intended for clarification of hair are the absolutely different structures which do not have even indirect relation to each other.

Quality natural colourless henna does not paint hair and does not give them any shade, it is intended for strengthening of roots, improvement of their growth. Classical henna softly paints, but despite lack of ammonia in structure, long is not washed away.

Henna on hair will keep what is the time, depends on specific features. At some color is washed away literally in couple of days, others cannot remove it any means.

Advantage of henna

Henna renders undoubted advantage at hair loss. The natural structure strengthens bulbs that helps to reduce loss of curls. In addition, experts assure that henna awakens the sleeping bulbs, helping to do hair of more magnificent.

Consider that henna can overdry, but not revitalize curls. If you have dry hair, add couple of tablespoons of olive oil or heavy cream to structure.

Henna helps at seborrhea, dandruff. Dissolve powder as it is written on packing. You apply to head skin and leave for 60-120 minutes. Through couple of applications you will notice improvements – dandruff and other skin problems will cease to disturb you. It is possible to cope with tarnishing of hair by means of colourless henna. You cause structure on all length of hair and leave for 30-60 minutes. You carry out the procedure time in 14-21 days. If you began to notice that hair became dry, stop for a while henna use. Henna optimum is suitable for oily hair. It can be used as the conditioner, diluting with water to consistence of sour cream. Literally after the first application you will note that hair became drier. In such a way it is possible to reduce the frequency of washing of the head.

Harm of henna for hair

Despite rather harmless composition and content of useful substances, henna can do much harm. If you have hair inclined to dryness and section, it is not recommended to apply henna on all length – enough only on roots to strengthen them. Regular use of henna leads to destruction of structure of dry hair, scales rise. If not to stop henna use, curls will begin to break and look lifeless. In this case only scissors can correct situation, any even very quality balm will not be able to smooth structure to former state.

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