How effectively to depilate face

How effectively to depilate face

Voluminous thick hair always served as ornament and subject of female pride. However in cases when they grow not only on the head, but also on face, there is the real problem.

Emergence undesirable volosvozmozhny reasons of emergence of undesirable hair on body and face:

- pregnancy period; - prolonged use of hormonal contraceptive medicines;

- long illness; - state of shock or stress; - heredity factor; - violation of hormonal background.

Procedure of removal of volosn today is several widespread ways by means of which it is possible to get rid of undesirable face hair: - plucking out; - shaving; - depilation; - epilation. Plucking out represents the cheapest, long and disease process. If you need to remove several hairs over lip or to correct eyebrows, this method can become excellent alternative to shaving and depilation. It should be noted: that with large number of excess hair, plucking out can be unevenly executed and cause long reddening of skin, has swelled. Shaving is the most widespread way of elimination of undesirable hair at women. It is nearly only method which can be applied during pregnancy. Laser removal – the procedure in the course of which are depilated by means of current. It costs little not, and it is rather painful. Only the qualified specialist is capable to perform the laser procedure. Before the procedure it is necessary to consult with the doctor as there is number of contraindications. Depilation is carried out by means of special various cosmetics. As the hair bulb during removal of core remains untouched, this procedure lasts absolutely not for a long time. Already in couple of days it is possible to find unpleasant bristle on face. Each girl in house conditions.Epilyatsiya can master this way of removal of undesirable hair represents removal of hair together with bulb. Thanks to it, they grow more slowly, becoming over time is thinner. The epilation can be also carried out with use of special wax. In that case the procedure should be carried out in specialized salon. Of course, if you are strongly concerned by emergence of hairiness on face, shaving in house conditions will hardly save the situation. Optimal solution given problem will be depilation with use of various pastes and creams. This method will allow you to eliminate undesirable hair for 3-4 days. After that the procedure should be repeated. Also you should not forget that after removal of undesirable hair, skin should be greased with the softening or nutritious cream. It will allow to avoid irritation and emergence of reddenings.

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