How to distinguish the addict

How to distinguish the addict

The dependence on drugs is a disease. And, as any disease, at it has the external symptoms allowing to distinguish the addict. They say, experienced narcologists are sometimes capable "to find" such people literally in crowd, out of the corner of the eye. The dependence on drugs is formed gradually and if relatives noticed symptoms of drug addiction in time and took measures, it can save life and human health.


1. One of indirect signs of the use of drugs are sharp, rapid differences of mood or physical activity. Just the person was sluggish or angry – and here for no reason whatever he already fell into euphoria.

2. Changes of the mode of a dream. During accustoming to lark drugs can turn into "owl" or on the contrary, and its vital rhythms can change rather sharply.

3. Fluctuations of appetite and change of a manner of food. The person who was "poor eater" earlier can turn into the glutton and vice versa. It can be broken and the schedule of food – without showing any interest in food for the whole day, the addict can attack literally by the evening on food.

4. In a condition of drug intoxication the pupils can be strongly narrowed – or on the contrary, are extremely expanded (so often happens at a fright). Eyes at the same time shine.

5. External symptoms of drug addiction are usually shown not at once - it is destiny of addicts with an experience. As a rule, it is the clothes with long sleeves allowing to hide traces of pricks; the released look and untidy look, the muffled and slowed-down speech, the slowed-down and awkward movements. In general, the addict often reminds the person who is drunk, but the alcohol smell at the same time is absent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team