How quickly to remove house gel polish

How quickly to remove house gel polish

Now more and more demanded is procedure of drawing on nails of gel polishes. Such covering differs in the fact that the luster keeps up to two weeks even at frequent contact with water and detergents. However not all have opportunity to constantly visit manicure salon for gel polish removal. If there is no such opportunity, it is possible to remove it and in house conditions.

Necessary components for gel polish removal

For removal of gel polish it is necessary to buy liquid for varnish removal containing acetone, cotton pads, foil food, nail file and orange rake for care for cuticle.

If desired it is possible to buy various professional tools which are on sale in specialized shops: remuver for gel polish instead of usual liquid for removal of varnish, zamotka instead of cotton pads. From tools any special functions therefore it is possible to get the simplest will not be required.

How to remove gel polish

First of all, it is necessary to process nails by means of nail file to remove upper varnish coat — luster. It is necessary to do it carefully not to damage nail plate. Fingers to the second phalanx are greased with any fat cream. It will not allow acetone to be absorbed in skin. Then well moisten cotton pads with liquid for removal of varnish and densely put them to nail. Wrap in small piece of foil finger. The foil allows disk to adjoin more densely to nail and does not allow to evaporate to acetone. Repeat the procedure with each nail and leave for 15 — 20 minutes. During this time gel razmokat and rises in the form of film. It is possible to remove it from nail. Removing foil, work with each nail separately. If to remove it at once from all fingers, gel polish can harden again. Having removed foil, remove gel polish orange or other wooden stick. It is not recommended to use metal objects, they can damage nail plate. If gel polish has descended not completely, in a few minutes it is necessary to repeat the procedure. It is impossible to tear off varnish pieces because of danger of injury of nail. 10 — 15 minutes later after the procedure polishing file level the surface of nails easy short movements. Nails by this moment have to be absolutely dry. After all procedures wash hands with warm water and oil nails for cuticle. Now nails are ready to drawing new covering. To restore nail plate after removal of gel covering, it is possible to use nail varnish with the strengthening and restoring effect. The described process of removal of gel polish in house conditions simple also does not demand big expenses. It saves time and money. Removal of gel will take about 1 hour. If to work extremely accurately, nails and cuticle are not injured. Thus, gel polish and qualitative resistant manicure become more available to those who have no time for regular visits of manicure salon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team