How to be recoloured in white from red

How to be recoloured in white from red

men admire women with fiery red hair, but for women red color sometimes becomes burden, and there is keen desire to join ranks of blondes. How to make it by means of hair-dye?


  1. In search of the image many women dye hair in one color, in another. And as all the time something is not pleasant to them, often there are situations when only just hair has been dyed in red color, and there is already a wish to have the blonde. How to be recoloured in white from red?
  2. First of all buy special chemical means – remover which is required to you for removal from hair of red paint. It does not concern you if your hair have natural red color or have been painted with henna. Consider that the red pigment is considered the most resistant therefore do not wait for instant result. Arm with patience better and step by step go towards the aim.
  3. Carry out the procedure of washing of hair-dye, precisely adhering to the instruction. Apply ready mix on all length on dry hair. Stand her on them within 2-3 hours. Wash hair with water with camomile tincture or with lemon juice. After such procedure they usually brighten approximately on one tone.
  4. If you need to clarify hair on several tones, then carry out the procedure of dekapirovaniye in hairdressing salon better. Perhaps, it is required to do it not once. The hairdresser will help to choose for you the natural, decolouring or acid dekapirovaniye.
  5. Further choose for yourself hair-dye of the necessary shade. If you want your hair to have not turned into straw, then choose such paints which contain natural ingredients and most shchadyashche influence hair. Make hair-dyeing by right color in hairdressing salon or in house conditions.
  6. If your hair have red color after coloring by henna, then new paint over henna can not undertake at all. The knowing people recommend to clarify hair natural ingredients in the beginning. For this purpose use mask from juice of lemon or olive oil. When hair considerably brighten, can try to paint them with paint of the necessary tone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team