How to choose curling tongs of large curls

How to choose curling tongs of large curls

Accurate large curls are subject of admiration of men and women. However not each woman has received as a gift from the mother nature curly hair. The owner of such wealth to become easy independently if to pick up high-quality curling tongs.

Magnificent curls give to female image romanticism, creative notes. It is easy to do beautiful hair in house conditions today, having armed with special devices. For creation of large curls it is necessary to get special nippers of certain diameter.

Nippers for receiving large curls

To make large and beautiful curls, it is necessary to pick up the modern curling iron. Its diameter has to be not less than 33 mm if you want to make larger curls, nippers with a diameter of 38 mm will become suitable option.

Upon purchase of curling tongs it is necessary to consider how often you will do hair. The curling iron has to be the safest, least of all harm, according to experts, is brought to hair by devices with ceramic covering. Such devices promote careful wave, their use helps to save hair from moisture loss. Curling irons with tourist's crimson covering will also not do much harm to hair if it is correct to use them. It is possible to give preference to model with covering from nano-silver, such surface has antibacterial properties that favorably affects condition of curls. It is important that nippers for large curls had the ionization mode. This option allows to avoid effect of the electrified hair that is especially relevant in cold season. Nippers for large curls are suitable only for wave of long hair, hair of average length. Such curling iron will not be suitable for short hairstyle. Consider this parameter not to make unnecessary purchase.

Parameters of the choice of the curling iron

To protect hair from overheating and also to do hair of steadier heating adjustment function will allow. As a rule, nippers with ceramic covering heat up quicker. The speed of heating of the device is influenced also by its power. On sale it is possible to meet curling irons with power of 20-50 W today, devices power above already belong to professional. Nippers with several heating elements of different diameter are convenient in use. These functional devices allow to receive curls both large, and small. Also nippers with several nozzles are popular – for receiving gaufre, textural curls and not only. Surely upon purchase of curling tongs of hair estimate what cord on length will become for you optimum. For this purpose decide where you most often twist curls – in the bathroom or the bedroom, the hall, measure distance from the socket to mirror. Length of cord has to allow to use nippers comfortably.

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