How to choose mask for oily skin? Professional advice

How to choose mask for oily skin? Professional advice

Oily skin forces women usilenny to look for leaving options. It demands special means both for clarification, and for tonization, and for food. It is also necessary to choose very carefully masks which will allow to reduce sebum formation and will narrow pores. Experts offer the recommendations what to pay attention when choosing mask for oily skin to.

Incorrectly picked up skin care products persons are capable to spoil it even more. So, for example, use of the drying dry skin drug can turn back its presenilation, formation of additional wrinkles and gives ultimate feeling of tightness of all person. In situation with oily skin it is necessary to approach the choice of means very attentively too. Additional drawing funds for it and medicines with the high content of fats and oils is capable to make release of fat by even more active. As a result gloss on face does not vanish from skin and to get rid of it very much and very difficult.

Masks - additional resources which do not use daily. However it does not mean at all that it is possible to ignore the correct selection. On the contrary, by means of the qualitative and suitable mask put only 2 times a week it is possible to correct and improve condition of the skin considerably.

Masks for oily skin of the person are quite widely presented on shelves of shops and drugstores. But despite this, it is necessary to study very carefully information on packing and to avoid purchase of those products which contain substances, improper for oily skin. When choosing ideal mask on care for oily skin of the person it is necessary to consider certain rules.

Masks have to have mark that they are applied to treatment of problem skin, i.e. that that has grease gloss and enlarged pores. Remember that it is better to refuse use of the medicines marked as "universal" or for "normal and oily skin". It means that they are not suitable for this purpose, for other type of skin since for each of them certain components are required.

Experts claim that it is better to give preference to professional pharmaceutical tools since they possess not only cosmetic, but also medical effect. Such yield better and long-term result.

Surely check that on the label there was mark about means nekomedogennost, i.e. that it does not hammer time and does not lead to emergence of black dots on face. Also when choosing mask pay attention to components which contain in it. First, in mask there should not be neither alcohol, nor any products that contain alcohol. In spite of the fact that this component perfectly dries, it is possible to use it only according to certain scheme. As a part of the cosmetics used regularly it does to skin very strong harm, forcing sebaceous glands to work more actively. Therefore you remember that that mask as which basis usual water is taken is considered optimal variant. Face packs which have included the salicylic acid, oxide of zinc and other substances which are considered as anti-inflammatory and perfectly drying different wounds and pimples on skin will become great option. However, it is recommended to use the moisturizing face cream after use of such medicines not to overdry skin. Ideal masks are where clay is taken as basis. And color of clay is absolutely unimportant - are effective as masks from pink and black clay, and from green, blue and white. Clay allows to cope with fat deposits and to purify skin. As a rule, add to it also antiseptic components, for example, camomile extract which prevent appearance of pimples. It is worth refusing acquisition of such medicines which part are vaseline, silicone, mineral oils, paraffin, lanolin and others. These components differ in bad absorbency in skin because of what also air exchange is delayed vlago-. The condition of skin from it begins to spoil significantly. It is the best of all to use masks habitual to you - they have already proved the efficiency. Also experts recommend to apply cosmetics of one series - both masks, and creams, and means to clarification.

Sometimes it is possible to notice that against the background of use of habitual medicine pimples develop and the condition of skin spoils. It occurs when accustoming to medicine components. In this case it should be changed.

Oily skin is not sentence. The main thing, is correct to pick up leaving. Treat the choice of means with special attention, and your person will look ideally. As option, it is possible to use in addition and house cosmetics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team