How to choose mask on condition of hair

How to choose mask on condition of hair

Ideally for hair it is necessary to address for selection of mask or to the expert who cuts you, paints, or to the trichologist. But it is possible not always. Having estimated condition of the hair, you can choose mask independently.


  1. If at you clarified on couple of tones or melirovanny hair, they, most likely, are dehydrated. Therefore not to do you without moisturizing mask. Look for vegetable oils, seaweed and amino-acid complexes in its structure - they will save your curls from moisture loss. The same components are good also after chemical straightening and wave.
  2. If your hair are clarified more, than on two tones, then there will only be not enough moistening. Choose the restoring masks containing protein or proteinaceous complex, mineral substances, lipids. Similar products prevent fragility, reestablishing the damaged molecular communication in each hair.
  3. If your hair are painted in dark shade, look for masks with mark for dyed hair. They due to the maintenance of special components increase firmness of color. Such masks add gloss and, of course, in addition humidify.
  4. If your fine hair by nature, suits you masks with panthenol. These means have to be lungs on texture not to make heavier hair. Products with panthenol will add to hair smoothness and gloss.
  5. If you are owner dim, with split ends, the brittle, thinned hair, you need the restoring mask with complex of proteins. Such component will restore structure of hair, feeding them from within.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team