How to clean face skin in 10 days

How to clean face skin in 10 days

At the correct and regular leaving within 10 days the face skin is cleaned, gains elasticity, natural healthy color and elasticity, superficial mimic wrinkles are smoothed and the water balance of epidermis is restored.

Techniques of face cleansing in 10 days

Changeable weather conditions, stresses, diseases and improper feeding have negative effect on face skin, polluting time and accelerating process of aging at the cellular level. Important condition for successful result of face cleansing is consecutive implementation of all necessary procedures.

The first three days there is preparation for intensive face cleansing. Some cosmetology products, such as srubs, masks and tonics containing preservatives, synthetic oils and other active chemical components exclude from daily use.

The initial stage consists in profound cleaning of skin pores of the person which is carried professionally out in the cosmetology and specialized medical centers. Independently getting rid of eels and pimples, it is possible to extend accidentally infection and to considerably aggravate condition of skin.

Clarification of time at any technique causes irritation of skin. In sites of acne rash and pimples there can be cyanotic traces which pass in 1-2 days. For removal of puffiness and focal inflammation instead of flowing water wash strongly carbonated drinking water that promotes increase in tone of facial muscles and physiological renewal of cells of epidermis.

Recommendations for effective face cleansing

It is possible to clean and tone up face skin in 10 days by means of traditional foodstuff. For washing use cubes of the frozen green tea, daily wiping with them face. Within 10 days, before going to bed, for 15 minutes apply fresh juice scarlet which is the strongest natural antiseptic agent and activates exchange processes in deep and blankets of skin. After the procedure the face skin is processed the cotton pad soaked with carbonated drinking water. To achieve the best result for face cleansing, it is necessary to exclude confectionery, pickles, coffee, eggs, greasy and fried food from diet, to refuse smoking and consumption of alcohol. During 10 day face cleansing, whenever possible, limit drawing means of make-up that promotes natural regeneration of integuments. The balanced healthy nutrition with plentiful amount of liquids, sufficient stay in the fresh air are the integral components for beautiful and healthy face skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team