How to treat acne rash: main approaches

Acne rash arises as a result of disease of sebaceous glands. Reddish heat-spots and also formations in the form of black dots become visible manifestation of disease. Most often their emergence is connected with obstruction of grease and hair channels.

Channels in which grease allocations accumulate become the ideal environment for bacteria. It promotes appearance of unattractive abscesses. At teenagers lead the hormonal changes happening in organism to appearance of acne rash. The unpleasant phenomenon can make the life strongly miserable. Therefore it is so important to know how to get rid of eels.

There are several approaches to treatment of eels. 

Specialized cosmetics

The leading producers of cosmetics create the whole lines focused on fight against skin problems. How to define what means will suit you? Do not follow the tastes of advertizing and councils of girlfriends. The best criterion — practice. It is necessary to try the majority of means on own skin to reveal suitable personally to you.

The correct cosmetics for problem skin does not may contain oils (fats) as they provoke obstruction of time and also alcohol — it breaks lipidic layer, and it is harmful to skin. Daily leaving will require use of special gel for washing, and the cream having medical effect on acne rash. Skin twice a week needs to be saved from the dying-off epithelium provoking narrowing of time by means of the sparing peeling.

Councils of professionals

Professional cosmetologists for disposal of various eels recommend phototherapy course. Today the given way provides the fastest disposal of problems with skin. The course of phototherapy makes about 10 procedures. For this period the radiation kills propionic bacteria for 90%. After successful course it is enough to keep the surface of skin clean to avoid recurrence.

The laser will help to win against the serious centers of inflammation. Unfortunately, use of the laser is capable to injure skin. But the hems left laser beam nevertheless are less noticeable, than constantly inflamed site of skin.

Folk remedies

For fight against acne rashes the national recipes suggest to prepare in house conditions of mask and lotions, to accept special broths. Level of their efficiency is various. For someone one remedy, for someone — another will be effective. As a rule, for structures vegetable components and natural substances are used.

To national councils it is necessary belongs with care. Sometimes they contain quite strange recommendations. Before applying the recipe to own skin, at first analyze structure, and then try small amount of means on internal bend of elbow. In the absence of irritation you can put on face.

Treatment by natural means will take more time, but will allow to avoid number of side effects.

Effective masks

Banana: mash pulp of ripe banana on which there are no blackening spots in glass capacity. Add spoon of vegetable oil which is (not refined) and the nutritious cream — three spoons. Accurately distribute mask on skin. Through quarter of hour wash away the dried-up weight tepid water.

Honey: active mix is formed from honey and the olive oil taken on 50 g, and one yolk. Weight is applied on affected areas for about twenty minutes.

Barmy: here the freshest live yeast will be required. In glass or china consistently mix spoon of yeast with spoon of the warmed-up water, small amount of honey and warm milk. Creamy weight you hold fifteen on skin of minutes, remove it with cool water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team