How to cure the injured hair

How to cure the injured hair

As a result of constant coloring, drying phenom and laying even hair good by nature lose attractive look. It is possible to restore the damaged locks, to recover them health not only by means of cosmetic procedures in salon, but also national methods in house conditions.

  • For mask from burdock oil:
  • – according to 1 h to spoon of burdock and castor oil;
  • – 1 h spoon of fresh lemon juice.
  • For mask for dyed hair:
  • – according to 1 h to spoon with the hill of leaves of nettle, plantain, sage;
  • – 300 g of black bread.
  • For vitamin mask:
  • – 2 h spoon of dimeksid;
  • – juice of 1 lemon;
  • – according to 1 h to spoon of castor oil, oil solution of vitamins E and And.

1. Select the hair preparations containing vitamins. So, vitamin A is necessary for force and hair shine, B protects them from adverse effect of the environment, E gives elasticity and youth, F prevents dryness, H promotes growth, the keratin restores damages, panthenol keeps moisture, collagen saturates and humidifies, vegetable oils form protective film.

2. Use regularly freshly cooked masks for recovery of the injured hair. Universal remedy rubbing in of burdock oil in head skin is considered. Or prepare such mask – mix castoric, burdock oils and lemon juice. Rub mix in skin and distribute on hair. Put on on the head hat for shower and warm warm scarf for 2 hours, and then wash away. Do such mask on 2 – 3 times a week within month.

3. Apply on dyed hair mask from black bread. Mix the crushed leaves of nettle, plantain and sage. Fill in with glass of boiled water. Leave for hour, filter and add crumb of black bread, carefully stir. You apply mask on hair and head skin, warm warm scarf or scarf for 2 hours. Wash away mask without shampoo use.

4. Prepare vitamin mask for acceleration of growth of hair and increase in their density. Mix fresh juice of lemon, dimeksid, and And yes apply castor oil, vitamins E on hair. Put on polyethylene hat the head and leave for hour. After carefully wash away shampoo.

5. Indulge the hair with mask from clay which cleans, gives volume and stimulates growth of hair. You apply mask on moist hair, take 15 – 20 minutes, massage the head and wash away. Choose for such masks white clay at fragility of hair, green – at seborrhea, yellow – at dandruff.

6. Diversify the diet with spinach, green peas, broccoli, bran which contain vitamin E. Use nuts, bean, eggs, soy for completion of vitamins of group B. Do not forget about calcium which reduces fragility of hair and gives them force.

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