How to choose a name to a middle name

How to choose a name to a middle name

Choosing a name to the kid, many seldom think of how it will be combined with a middle name. It is incorrect, further when the child grows up, the difficult combination of letters and disharmonious dissonant pronunciation of a combination of his name and a middle name will disturb very much. Therefore, choosing a name, think not only of as far as it is pleasant to you or your relatives, but also about what impact will be had by a middle name and as it together with a name will affect character of the person. So, there are several rules of definition of a name on a middle name.


1. If the middle name too long, then is more correct to pick up to it a short name. Full certainly, but not colloquial. To the contrary, at a short middle name, select a long name. For an example: Alla Aleksandrovn or Margarita Petrovna.

2. The sound combination in a name a middle name has to be harmonious. If the name comes to an end on the concordant, then the middle name has to begin with a vowel and vice versa. Compare: Pyotr Andreevich and Pyotr Petrovich. In the first case the combination of sounds is more harmonious. However, such e the rule is inapplicable to woman's names, most of them terminate on a vowel.

3. It is also undesirable that on a joint of a name and middle name there were many concordants. It complicates pronunciation. For an example: Pyotr Lvovich. Also in a name middle name should not agree many times repeating. As example: Alexander Grigoryevich.

4. If the middle name belongs to rigid, for example, Dmitrievich, then it is better to pick up a name soft (Alla Dmitriyevna). If to soft, then, on the contrary, rigid name (Dmitry Viktorovich). It is considered that it is so possible to correct character of the person, having brought balance between a name and a middle name. Using these councils, you will be able correctly to choose a name to the child, proceeding from his middle name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team