Jump rope – the best girlfriend

Jump rope – the best girlfriend

The healthy lifestyle gives us the positive spirit, health and, of course, beauty of the body. The sport offers the huge number of methods. The jump rope - the good assistant for achievement of the desirable purpose.

Make the jump rope the best girlfriend – and it won't bring you. It will help to burn excess calories, to strengthen the cardiovascular system, to frighten off cellulitis, to develop endurance, to get the royal bearing. Jump ropes don't avoid even the professional heavyweight boxers using it at the trainings for development of speed of reaction and coordination of movements. The jump rope is the mini-exercise machine, but with big efficiency.

The special value of jumps with the jump rope is that muscles of hands and the shoulder girdle are actively involved in training process, except legs. Many "age" women will be glad by means of this wonderful string to reduce flabbiness of tricepses of the shoulder and to put muscles of hands in order.

To begin to be engaged it is possible in any second, irrespective of season and time of day – for this purpose it is only necessary to rise from the sofa. Occupation this fascinating and fascinating: it is possible to jump both on two, and on one leg; to rotate the jump rope forward and back; to twice scroll it in one jump. All depends on the flight of fancy of the beginning fighter for the slender and sound body. But to achieve symmetry and grace, it is necessary to be engaged systematically.

As any long way begins with one step, and friendship with the jump rope begins with several jumps. Ideal option – if you are able continuously to jump within half an hour, and then 350 kilocalories will disappear by itself. Choose to yourself the attractive jump rope girlfriend: bright, with the built-in counter of jumps or the spent calories, suitable under your growth.

During jumps it is necessary to make secure: the breast has to be in the recorded situation and not test concussions. At the big size of this attractive part of the women's body, besides the bra, it is necessary to use also the elastic topic. Jumps have to be whenever possible soft and easy, landing – only on toes, heels shouldn't touch the floor at all.

Physiologists recognize that occupations with the jump rope are practically equated to run: same effect of enrichment of blood with oxygen, burning of calories and training of muscles. Psychologists note positive emotional effect. At the beginning of occupations it is necessary to be ready to the fact that within the first three minutes the organism should work in the anaerobic mode (deficiency of oxygen) and there will be the state, as at run with the maximum speed.

Let you will also not reach the world record (162 jumps in 30 seconds), but from the "orange" tsellyulitny skin on hips and buttocks inherent in many women, will get rid precisely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team