How to dry a bream

How to dry a bream

Fans of fish know that a bream — traditional fish for drying. Usually he is larger than other lake river fish, but it doesn't mean that on its preparation more time and forces leaves. Meat of a bream has bright saturated taste.

It is required to you

  • Fresh bream;
    • coarse salt;


1. If fish is just hooked, leave her to lie down several hours. Then carefully wash up cold water, having removed from it all slime. Wash fish in a basin, otherwise slime can litter a sink.

2. Touch fish, put carcasses on 500-700 g in one heap, and from 700 to 1000 g in another. Carefully rub each big fish with coarse salt. Rubbing a large fish, put her in a mouth and for gills salt.

3. If a bream very large (about 1.5 kg), before rubbing by salt cut off from it the head, and pierce a paunch a sharp object.

4. Take a deep dry basin. On a bottom put a layer of coarse salt, then a group of fish. Such layers lay all fish. When laying leave small distance between big fishes.

5. Close basin a gauze and leave in the cool place for 12 hours. After fish stood, turn her and put from above heavy oppression. Put on fish a cutting board, and on it a big pan or a bucket with water. Leave fish for three days, overturn her each 12 hours. If not to overturn fish, she can become rotten.

6. After three days get fish from a basin. In a tail part of fish make openings a sharp knife and pass through them a twine. Don't press fish densely to each other. Tie the ends of a twine in knot. On one piece there have to be about 10 big fishes. It is also convenient to suspend fish by means of big office paper clips. Hang up fish in well aired place, having closed her a gauze.

7. If drying is carried out in summertime, it is necessary to process a bream from flies. Cover each big fish with vegetable oil with a strong smell or weak solution of vinegar.

8. Drying fish to last 3-4 weeks. Color of a paunch has to become pleasant amber color.

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