How to decorate a baby carriage

How to decorate a baby carriage

The child - the best decoration of a baby carriage. For mom there is nothing more expensively than the kid lying in lots of lace. But to give to children's transport an elegant look, to make a carriage not similar to others, it is possible and it is even necessary.


1. Think over functional jewelry for a carriage. Such as elegant umbrella or color cover from a rain. Having got these useful accessories, it is possible not just to save the kid from a rain, but also to give to a carriage an original form.

2. The stylish bag fastening on the carriage handle - one more fashionable accessory. It is very convenient for storage of replaceable diapers, small bottles with water, wet towel wipes. At the same time mom can hang up it on a shoulder, going to shop. The bags which are on sale complete with carriages usually are quite unsightly. Therefore it is better to sew this useful attribute independently or to gain it in shop.

3. Toys - a great way to decorate a carriage and not to allow the kid to get bored. Look in shops for a rattle in the form of a pendant which can be fixed opposite to the child's eyes. Choose a bright toy without acute angles. Otherwise the kid can, playing, to prick the handle and to burst into tears.

4. In big interior shops the glued pictures for decoration of walls are on sale. Drawings happen the most various. Look suitable on color and subject. It is possible to decorate with them carriage boards. One hood better than a sticker not to fix, when folding they will be rumpled.

5. Paint needles on carriage wheels bright colors or decorate with weaving from a color wire. In the center of a rim it is possible to attach reflective stickers. Then the carriage will be noticeable even in night-time.

6. Council for glamourous mothers and babies. Get the glued rhinestones in cosmetic or sewing shop. From them it is possible to lay out a name of the kid, a heart, a pacifier, a bear cub on a carriage. Everything what there will be enough imagination for. Especially stylish rhinestones look on carriages of dark colors - blue, black, violet.

7. At decoration of a carriage the most important is not to be overzealous. After all it is children's transport, but not a New Year tree. Do not forget about safety of the kid. Do not use the toxic or soiling materials in finishing at all. The task of parents is to make a carriage convenient and harmless, and only then - beautiful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team