How to find the letter in mail

How to find the letter in mail

E-mail – an indispensable attribute of the modern person. The most part of correspondence passes through it for a long time. On it both business letters, and receipts for payment of purchases in online stores, and registration data, and advertizing, and a lot of things still arrive. How to be when you need to find quite specific letter?


1. Not especially important, what e-mail client at you. All of them are very similar. Letters in them are in four folders. "Entering" - for incoming letters. "Outgoing" - for outgoing. "Basket" or "Remote" - for remote. "Spam" - in it those letters which the e-mail client considered spam, however, quite often there get also normal incoming letters.

2. If you look for the letter which to you came, come into the Entering folder and view contents of the first page, perhaps, you will be lucky, the necessary letter will appear there, and it is not necessary to look for further.

3. In any e-mail client there is a search by mail. As a rule, it is in the top part of the page and consists of a free field for input of request and the Search or Find button.

4. If you remember the address from which the letter came – enter it into the search string. It is optional to enter all address, it is enough to enter a part it. Search results will be displayed in the form of the list of the letters answering to request.

5. Enter a part of a subject of the letter. It is better not to write all subject entirely as you can be mistaken, and then search results will be incorrect. Do keyword search.

6. In some e-mail clients it is possible to configure search by date. For this purpose select the range of dates in which, presumably, you received the letter.

7. Perhaps, you accidentally deleted the letter. Come into a trash folder and look for the letter there. Do not forget that the size of this folder is limited, and all old letters will automatically be removed.

8. Glance in the folder with the letters regarded as spam. For various reasons the e-mail client can decide that the letter which came to you is spam. To transfer it from this folder to another, note a tick and click "Not Spam". You enter the necessary addresses (e-mail) in the address book, then letters from them will not appear in spam.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team