How to remove birthmarks

How to remove birthmarks

Birthmarks can be both ornament, and the annoying trouble depending on as far as they large where they are located and whether they prevent your activity. In certain cases birthmarks need to be deleted – for example when they constantly are injured and exposed to harmful effects, so – increase risk of developing of melanoma.


1. The main thing that needs to be remembered – it is impossible to delete birthmarks without approval of the doctor and the more so it is impossible to do it independently. To remove birthmark competently and safely to you can only in medical office. Procedures for removal of birthmarks a little – you can choose the most suitable.

2. One of old ways of removal is surgical excision. Today excision is practically not used because of the morbidity and complexity for the patient. More sparing method of elimination of birthmarks is electrothermic coagulation in the course of which the birthmark is affected by current and is destroyed and also laser removal of superficially lying birthmarks.

3. Popular method of removal of birthmarks is the cryolysis – influence of the liquid nitrogen applied most often to speakers of birthmarks.

4. After your birthmark is removed with any of procedures, fabric of birthmark will be sent to the histologic analysis for exception of risk of emergence of cancer cells.

5. After removal of birthmark it is necessary to observe the recommendations of the doctor – not to visit sunbeds and not to be some time on bright sun, to protect the place of operation from ultra-violet radiation and also to protect the place of the former birthmark from physical damages before its full healing.

6. If you want to clarify birthmark, be convinced that it is not malignant, and try folk remedy – ordinary vaseline, greasing with which birthmark, you gradually clarify it, and it will disappear.

7. Also it is possible to put compress from linseed oil and honey to birthmark, or to rub it with pineapple juice.

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