What is a banner

What is a banner

Practically on each website in the Internet information pictures banners are located, clicking on which, the user passes to the page of other website. Today banners are one of effective methods of advertizing of products and the websites.


1. Word meaning "banner"

In translation from English "banner" or banner means a flag, a banner, a slogan. The banner is the standard business card for those who wish to create to themselves image and advertizing – for those who to seek to advance the services in the Internet. It is represented graphically.

2. Type of the image

Banners happen in the form of the simple image or flash- or Java welcome screen (animation) and also banners meet in outdoor advertizing. The most widespread formats of Internet banners – GIF and GPEG. The GIF format is the most convenient as allows to represent animation, gives an opportunity to do transparent backgrounds or images, to load the text line by line. A banner – it is obligatory the image comprising the link. Banners for outdoor advertizing produce from different materials, beginning from cardboard to polypropylene.

3. Size

The most widespread and compact option of a banner – a banner button, which size only 88х31. Understand banners as the standard sizes the size, for example, 100х100. The most found size of banners - 468х60, and the size is less – 468х60 - a so-called semi-banner. Know that the banner with the parties 160х600 is vertical as in horizontal direction it makes 160 pixels, and in vertical direction – 600 pixels.

4. Placement options

The banners acting as outdoor advertizing place in show-windows of shops and other rooms, meet at exhibitions, forums and other actions. On the Internet it is more effective to place banners on homepages of the websites, in right or the upper left corner. There are options of placement of flash-banners over all page of the website at an input on it. Such images, as a rule, appear in the center.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team