How to think up the reliable password

How to think up the reliable password

Now control systems of access to information resources on the basis of passwords have the widest circulation thanks to the simplicity and convenience. However the safety of information which they are designed to protect depends on reliability of the used passwords. Malefactors use ignorance and levity of many users, cracking their passwords and providing illegal access to information. In this regard crucially to create the passwords stopping illegal encroachments and providing a status of security of important data. Several councils how to make the passwords safer and to avoid excess problems.

It is required to you

  • - Internet;
  • - table of values of entropy of passwords.


1. Study a little theory. The password represents the alphanumeric sequence of a certain length. Also the password can include punctuation symbols and special characters (!, @, #, $ , etc.). Password strength directly depends on its complexity (measure of efficiency with which it can resist to guessing or search).

2. Use passwords of sufficient length. Try to create passwords from minimum of eight characters. It will strongly complicate its cracking as the malefactor will need much more time.

3. Use digits, letters and special characters. The more the alphabet of characters, the is higher password strength. The passwords consisting only of numbers or only from letters, do not meet the modern requirements any more. Combine in passwords of a letter, digits and special characters. It is also useful to use a different letter case (for example, and and A).

4. Exclude dictionary phrases. Try not to use dictionary phrases as the password. As a rule, the first that is done by malefactors at the password attack, - it carry out search according to the dictionary.

5. Evaluate entropy of the password. The entropy of the password is the degree of complexity of the password expressed in terms of information entropy. Calculation of entropy comes down to calculation of a logarithm from number of possible combinations on the basis two (the number of possible combinations is equal to degree, in which basis the alphabet size, and an exponent — password length). Then the received value (number of bits of entropy) can be evaluated according to the table of values of entropy of passwords and to draw a conclusion on its complexity. Than the value of entropy of the password is higher, respectively, the password is more reliable than subjects. For example, the password d8K*_0#C^ has 59.53 bits of entropy, and I like basketball - 100.82 bits.

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