How to make peach jam for the winter in 10 minutes

How to make peach jam for the winter in 10 minutes

Peach jam is the amazing product reminding of sunny summer days. It not just tasty jam, but real winter depression medicine. One spoon suffices to lighten themselves the mood in the winter. Therefore if at you peaches don't grow in a garden, buy one kilogram and surely cook peach jam for the winter.

It is required to you

  • - peaches - 1 kilogram
  • - sugar - 700 grams


1. To cook tasty jam, you need to take ripe firm peaches. Wash up them and put them for several minutes in soda solution. For this purpose use one teaspoon of soda on 1 liter of water. After that wash out fruit under cold water and dry up on a towel.

2. To make jam from peaches for the winter, divide fruit into halves and remove stones. Place peaches in ware for jam making and fill up with sugar. Stir up capacity with peaches several times and leave peaches for 10-12 hours alone. During this time sugar will be dissolved and will give syrup.

3. Put peach jam on slow fire after it begins to boil, carefully mix and leave to boil within five minutes. The best way of preparation of jam is a step cooking. Therefore jam it is necessary to stand within ten hours, and then to cook not for long.

4. After peach jam settles, put it to cook again. Let peaches will boil on slow fire five more minutes. Then check jam from peaches for readiness. If it is necessary, repeat one more step - upholding and cooking. And then shift jam in the sterilized banks and roll up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team