The cleaning masks from eels in house conditions

The cleaning masks from eels in house conditions

Unfortunately, teenage pimples and eels not at all pass with age. If face skin inclined to fat content, is high probability of developing of acne rash. Advantage of national methods of fight against acne in full naturalness of ingredients, lack of side effects and low cost.

The knitting and antibacterial properties of nonsense as well as possible are suitable for the cleaning mask. Apply mix from nonsense to well cleaned skin and the white cosmetic clay (on teaspoon) divorced in 30 ml of warm water. After drying the mask is washed away warm water, the skin is moisturized children's cream.

Instead of water it is possible to use camomile broth – the mask will get also the calming action.

The deep cleaning effect is reached at application of useful barmy mask. Mix teaspoon of dry yeast with 3% peroxide of hydrogen to smetanoobrazny state, add 2 drops of cedar essential oil and put on face thin layer. Let's mask dry completely on skin. Wash the acidified cool water with addition of citric acid or apple cider vinegar.

At sensitive face skin try to avoid aggressive components in recipes from eels. Option of the soft cleaning mask: To pound 2 tablespoons of oat flakes in mortar or to crush in the coffee grinder and to connect to egg white, to shake up slightly. To apply mask to skin and to cover the person from above with wet towel wipes. Do not allow full drying of mask, otherwise it will be difficult to be washed away.

Well narrows pores and prevents appearance of comedones proteinaceous mask. Mix spoon of lemon juice with the beaten egg white. You apply to skin foam mask brush. As soon as the first layer dries up – at once you put following until the structure ends. Do not talk during the procedure and try to accept horizontal position. In 15 minutes carefully wash warm water, trying not to stretch skin and not to rub the person. Then use the moisturizing cream. Cosmetic color clay has the excellent disinfecting and cleaning property. For elimination of acne rash it is preferable to use black and blue clay. In glasswares mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with spoon of cosmetic clay, try to avoid formation of lumps. If mix has turned out too dense, add a little hot water. For the softening effect add several drops of almond oil. Put mask on face thin layer and let's dry. Wash away curative dirt warm water, then wipe face with ice cube to close time.

For dry and sensitive skin use pink clay and juice of cucumber, but not lemon.

Honey well removes inflammation, smoothes hems and normalizes work of sebaceous glands. For preparation of the cleaning mask you will need the fresh, not become candied honey, it is desirable lime. Mix in homogeneous mass 50 g of olive oil and honey and egg yolk. Brush put mask on face on massage lines and lie down for 15 minutes. Remove the mask remains at first damp cosmetic disk, then wash cool water. Skin can do the cleaning masks at fat type every other day. To owners of dry and sensitive face skin in the presence of eels 2 times a week are not recommended to carry out the cleaning procedures more often.

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