As on the website to put monitoring

As on the website to put monitoring

Monitoring of the website gives the chance to the administrator to learn its such indicators as availability, speed of opening of pages, convenience to indexing, attendance, etc. Analyzing data retrieveds, it is possible to define a status of the website and, if necessary, to take measures to its improvement.

It is required to you

  • - programs of the analysis of the website;
  • - codes of counters.


1. Monitoring of the website can be carried out by two main ways: with use of appropriate programs and by installation on the website of the program code generated by specialized services. Each option has advantages and shortcomings.

2. If you decide to use specialized programs for monitoring of the website, it is the best of all to use program Semonitor3 complex. The paid program, but in network if properly to look, it is possible to find also the free version. You can get acquainted with all opportunities of Semonitor3 on the official site of the program.

3. Use the Page Promoter program for monitoring of the website, it is inferior on the functionality to Semonitor3 only a little (it has no analyzer of log files). But if you do not want to use these programs, they can rather without serious consequences be replaced with specialized online services. For example, for definition of the index of citing come on the SITEM.RU resource and enter data of the website. Also you will be able to learn indexation of the website in Yandex and Google.

4. If you want to install counters directly on the website, use the services providing the corresponding codes and instructions for their installation. For example, come on the CY-PR resource - this service allows to make the complex analysis of the website, with its help you will be able to put necessary counters on the website. Consider that use of counters of attendance requires installations of their code on all pages of the website.

5. One of the most popular counters of attendance is Rambler Top100. You will be able to learn everything about its installation, having passed to the corresponding page of Rambler. Also the HotLog counter is popular, its installation does not represent difficulties too, all procedure is in detail described on the website of service. Also you can use service from, giving an opportunity to install the beautiful and convenient counter on the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team