How to insert the signature in the letter

How to insert the signature in the letter

To provide inflow of clients or visitors on a certain resource, his author takes great pain to advertize the provided services. But there is a resource which not each person in search of advertizing uses - it is the signature in e-mails.

It is required to you

  • Software of Microsoft Outlook of 2003.


1. It would seem that advertizing blocks can be seen now anywhere. The last inappropriate format of its placement as it seems to much, emergence of small banners on screens of television is. But there are also unused resources in this case — placement in e-mails. Mostly letters with advertizing are spam, but it is possible to avoid it.

2. If competently to add information on itself, the enterprise or organization, the addressee willingly will follow the link and perhaps will become your client. For this purpose it is necessary to place a certain text at the end of the e-mail, i.e. in its signature. The following blocks can be an example of competent filling of the signature of the letter: the address of your e-mail (it is desirable in a format of the active link); any image serving a character or an avatar; existence of the business card in which all contacts will be specified.

3. First of all it is worth paying the attention to informational content and also small volume of the signature. Consider a factor of speed of loading of letters at different users, a large number of images or the picture with high resolution demand more seconds for loading.

4. For a task of the signature in Microsoft Outlook program 2003 it is necessary to click the top menu "Service", in the opened list to select the Parameters item, and then to click elements of "Signature" and "Create".

5. In the opened window in the empty field enter the text of your signature. Here it is possible to define the file which will be displayed by default. On In the addition tab it is necessary to specify to what mailbox you want to tie this signature.

6. Click "Apply" to saving changes and "OK". Pass to a form of creation of the new letter and check whether recently created signature is displayed.

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