How to cut male bang

How to cut male bang

Any man can practically pick up beautiful hairstyle with bang. The main thing that the bang did not look not well-groomed and hid shortcomings or, on the contrary, emphasized advantages of male appearance.


  1. Define what bang will look best of all, in dependence about structures of hair, models of hairstyle and external data If at the man fine hair, bang have to be done, beginning from the top. Correct craggy face or chubby cheeks by means of asymmetric bang, and longish face – by means of equal and dense. If the man of low growth, do not construct to it on the head instead of bang something like mohawk. Such hairstyle will go only to young people of quite high growth.
  2. Wash up hair with shampoo and carefully dry up them at first towel, and then – phenom as it is better to cut bang on dry hair that it did not stick together. If at the man the curling or very dense locks, slightly humidify them from spray.
  3. Put the man in chair and provide sufficient illumination to workplace. Take the sharpest and long scissors. If there is opportunity, in advance buy professional tools in specialized shop.
  4. Comb hair on forehead, separate the locks which do not have relations to bang, and fix them by clips. If the man has short hairstyle, put on to him the head special hat from under which release only locks for bang.
  5. Begin to cut bang strictly from the central line of forehead. Gradually move at first to the left edge, then – to right. Hold scissors in one situation – at an angle about 45 °. During hairstyle strong hold those locks which you cut with two fingers and pull a little. Check the line of hairstyle and correct it if it is necessary, being guided by hairstyle model.
  6. Take thinning shears and process them bang in order that it looked more natural and, at the same time, well laid down. Before tapering divide cut bang into several locks, each of which should be thinned out separately: at first in the middle, and then - is slightly higher than tips of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team