How to cut off slanting bang

How to cut off slanting bang

of women stop the choice on hairstyle with bang. With its help it is possible to soften features, to hide high forehead, scar or other shortcomings. It allows the woman to feel like surer. Recently the special popularity was gained by slanting bang which can be cut off in house conditions.


  1. If you have decided to make slanting bang, sit down and provide its image. You should solve, there will be it dense or not, short, long, etc. Also choose tilt angle and the party where the bang will look. It depends on where you usually do hair parting.
  2. Wet hair a little, however do not go too far in it. Otherwise the bang can jump up at once by several centimeters when dries. To achieve ideal effect, use spray with usual water by means of which it is possible to control humidity of hair.
  3. Accurately comb hair by means of flat hairbrush and separate that part which shortly has to turn into bang. That other curls did not disturb, pin up them behind hairpin or special clips.
  4. Now get up in front of the mirror so that you well saw the head and hands, comb the allocated lock and moisten it.
  5. Make the first cut, having chosen for this purpose the shortest site of future bang.
  6. You watch closely its level which has to be slightly lower than eyebrows. Now measure the chosen length of bang and make one more cut from the opposite side. After that accurately connect these marks, moving on diagonal from top to down.
  7. If you do it the first time, begin with longer bang. After the termination of hairstyle tousle hair hand and look in mirror. If the objective is not achieved, shear some more millimeters. Repeat this procedure until receive ideal slanting bang.
  8. To give to your bang more natural look, dry hair and shear their tips. Do it, holding scissors vertically up. In advance think of that edges were rather fine. Only this way at you the beautiful slanting bang will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team