How to do mayonnaise mask for hair

How to do mayonnaise mask for hair

The environment and mechanical influence substantially worsen condition of hair. Even healthy curls can turn into fragile and dry locks at regular use of the hair dryer, nippers or long stay in the sun. To return to hair gloss and force usual mayonnaise can help.

Advantage of mayonnaise for hair

It is very simple to make mask for hair of mayonnaise. There are several recipes differing in amount of ingredients. The most useful components which are contained in mayonnaise are the egg yolk, vitamin E and vegetable oil. These substances carefully process each hair, adding to curls gloss and force. Experts note also recovery properties of mayonnaise. Masks from this product prevent emergence of split ends and hair loss.

At application of mayonnaise masks it is necessary to pay attention to several nuances. Mix should be applied on all length of hair and to hold not less than 30 minutes. It is the best of all to wash away mayonnaise shampoo. You will not be able to remove with usual water the mask remains.

The mayonnaise mask is suitable for frequent use. It is possible to use it for any types of hair. It is possible to strengthen effect of mix additional ingredients.

Masks from mayonnaise for dry and brittle hair

For giving of force to hair use mask from mayonnaise with addition of mustard. For this purpose in separate capacity mix 50 g of mayonnaise and one tablespoon of mustard. Pay attention that it is better to use mustard powder, previously having diluted it with small amount of water. Apply mix on hair and carefully wash away shampoo in 30-40 minutes. For recovery of the injured hair it is better to use mask on the basis of mayonnaise and essential oils of tangerine and rosemary. Add to 50 g of mayonnaise on several drops of additional ingredients and carefully mix everything. Distribute mix on hair and wash away in 30-40 minutes.

Mayonnaise against hair loss

Unlike other masks, mix from hair loss should be taken on hair during the whole night. In separate capacity mix one tablespoon of vegetable oil, two tablespoons of mayonnaise and one egg yolk. Mix all components in homogeneous mass. Apply mix on hair, wrap them usual food wrap and leave to be absorbed for the night. In the morning carefully wash away mask.

How to make mayonnaise

At will you can make home-made mayonnaise for masks. Pay attention that such mix will be much more effective than product which can be found without effort on shelves of grocery stores. For production of mayonnaise you need three egg yolks, several teaspoons of olive or vegetable oil, one teaspoon of lemon juice, the same amount of salt and powder mustard. Carefully mix all components by means of the mixer or the blender and use for preparation of masks.

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