How to dye hair in white color

How to dye hair in white color

The woman - being rather unpredictable. Sometimes each female representative wants to make revolution in the habitual world. The best way is to change hair color. You can paint them white color in house conditions, without addressing at the same time experts.

It is required to you

  • Hair-dye, hairbrush, clips, vinegar, citric acid, hair balm


  1. Buy paint in shop. Dissolve paint in nonmetallic capacity, accurately following the instruction. Then comb hair, moisten them and divide into 4 equal parts. Fix each part by clip. Surely put on gloves not to soil hand.
  2. Start painting of hair. At first apply paint on hair parting from forehead to nape as this place is most of all noticeable. Then gradually separating each lock paint over it. After everything raise hair up in order that air has passed through them. Then comb hair evenly to distribute paint. Further wash away paint, adding vinegar and citric acid to water.
  3. Any painting is stress for hair. After coloring of best everything carefully to look after hair. Every week do nutritious masks to keep structure and hair color. Wash hair, using balm which will allow to make your hair soft and live.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team