How to dye the decoloured hair

How to dye the decoloured hair

Sometimes, decolouring hair, women do not mean about volume as far as this procedure injures them. The head of hear which has undergone clarification tarnishes, becomes damaged, dry. Dissatisfied with such result, women aim to be recoloured in other color. At the same time it is important to remember that after clarification the hair need respite and the strengthened leaving.


  1. Do not paint resistant paints just decoloured hair, it can strengthen extent of their damage. After such aggressive chemical influence as blondirovaniye, curls need time (1-2 weeks) for recovery of the structure and protective functions. After decolorization the hair should be humidified and fed with various masks strongly.
  2. If to wait for 2 weeks before repeated coloring not your forces, use soft bezammiachny paint of natural light shade. The yellowness can be hidden, having chosen soft golden tone of dye: wheat, honey, nut. If you want to achieve platinum shades, then apply on hair (for 3-5 minutes) violet coloring shampoo. Violet pigments neutralize yellowness. The main thing not to overdo means on hair not to receive as a result violet curls.
  3. If desired to recolour the decoloured hair in more dark shade, begin with fair-haired. The clarified hair empty inside as the natural color pigment from it has been etched in the course of blondirovaniye. Therefore dark shades of resistant paint will not be long keep on hair. Besides when coloring in dark color stains and roughnesses can be formed that demands repeated putting paint.
  4. Do not choose bright and saturated shades for coloring of the clarified hair: black, red, copper. They lay down on the injured hair extremely badly and unevenly. The result of coloring by such paints can be unpredictable. Passing to dark color, give preference to natural shades.
  5. If you are going to recolour the decoloured hair in the shade close to your natural, choose paint as one tone lighter than natural hair color that they have not turned out too dark. Be ready that paint will quickly be washed away from hair. To fix artificial color pigments of paint in structure of the clarified hair, 3-4 colourings through certain period will be required.
  6. Ask for the help the hairdresser. Only the expert will be able to pick up suitable professional paint and the necessary percent of oxidizer to her which will not injure already injured hair. It is difficult to paint the decoloured hair evenly in desirable color from the first therefore it is better not to make experiments with the appearance in house conditions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team