How to gather extra kilos

How to gather extra kilos

Thousands and hundreds of thousands of people in the world deal with the problem of excess weight. But there is category of people who, on the contrary, dream to gather extra kilos. And sometimes it is given not less difficult, than weight loss. There are even special diets directed to increase in body weight. But many people wishing to look more solidly just eat a lot of high-calorific food, fast food. But it is not absolutely correct. As it is necessary to remember that food has to be not only caloric, but also useful.

1. Before making the food allowance, undergo medical examination. Perhaps, you have in organism excess of hormone of cortisol which is responsible for disintegration of fabrics. For this reason all postupayemy food is quickly burned.

2. Increase the number of the consumed calories. But when choosing food give preference to those which promote set of muscle bulk, but not increase in fatty tissue. For this purpose use products, protein-rich, cellulose, carbohydrates. Eat fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bean, grain, drink milk.

3. From meat it is better to use chicken as she is protein-rich, amino acids, vitamins, potassium, iron, manganese, etc. Chicken meat has to become the basic in your diet as proteins from it are easily acquired by organism and go for creation of muscle bulk.

4. Replace low-calorie food with more nutritious. For example, replace carrots with potatoes, eat white rice, but only not steamed. Use the products containing starch. Treat them: grain, pasta, bread. Also, for increase in body weight, it is useful to eat food, protein-rich: red fish, tofu, cheese, eggs, etc. Eat butter.

5. Increase the number of meals. In day there have to be at least three main receptions of food and also several having a snack. Do not miss breakfasts and lunches. Try to eat and have a bite approximately in one and too time.

6. From drinks it is the best of all to give preference to milk, cream, juice, i.e. quite high-calorific liquids. And here consumption of tea and coffee without sugar, mineral water it is better to limit.

7. If you aim at set of excess weight, then remember that it is not recommended to increase body weight more, than by 1 kg a month. Fast set of weight can lead to emergence of problems with health.

8. Do not forget about physical exercises. Carry out those gymnastic complexes which will help to develop and strengthen muscle bulk. Generally it is various power exercises. At the correct training of muscle are loaded, metabolism processes change, there is desire to eat. It is desirable within half an hour after the training to use the food rich with carbohydrates and proteins. At the expense of such products there is accumulation of muscle bulk, increase in weight of your body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team