How to get rid of the drooped stomach after the delivery

How to get rid of the drooped stomach after the delivery

During pregnancy the belly muscles and skin stretch and lose the tone therefore after the delivery the stomach begins to droop, bringing to the woman not only moral, but also physical discomfort.

It is possible to gather in the drooped stomach by means of diets, physical exercises, postnatal bandage, plastic surgery (abdominoplastika) and also by means of special procedures in cosmetology clinics it is possible.

Physical activity

It is worth starting physical exercises not earlier, than in 2-3 months after the delivery. The special set of exercises involves that group of muscles which during pregnancy was exposed to stretching and deformation (direct and oblique muscles of stomach).

  • Exercise "Vacuum". It is carried out lying on spin. To inhale in itself air and to hold within 25-30 seconds. The stomach has to be most pulled in. To carry out exercise daily till 15-20 approaches.
  • Exercise "Level". To accept position of body as when squeezing, to rest palms against floor. As much as possible to pull in in itself stomach, to stand statically within 1 minute. To carry out daily, gradually increasing time up to 2-3 minutes.
  • Lifting of basin. It is carried out in prone position on spin, legs are bent in knees, palms rest against floor. Basin to raise and record in such situation for 15 seconds, then to return to starting position. To carry out exercise on 20 approaches daily.
  • Exercise "Twisting". It is carried out lying on spin, legs are bent in knees and densely rest against floor, hands are crossed on breast. To make exhalation and to bring the left shoulder to the right knee, then to return to starting position and to do the same with the right shoulder. To carry out on 2 approaches on 20 times.
  • Exercise "Alternate raising of legs". It is carried out lying on one side, during exercise the leg rises at right angle. To do till 15-20 approaches with each leg.


Carrying postnatal bandage helps to restore muscular corset and reduces risk of development diastase (divergences of direct muscles on stomach).

The bandage should be chosen or in the form of shorts with short waist, or in the form of tape. For achievement of the best result follows:

  • to choose tape bandage according to the underwear size;
  • to choose bandage shorts it is one size more than linen which the woman wore before pregnancy.

The bandage is contraindicated at severe hypostases, it is necessary to dress it lying and to carry within 12 hours.


The rigid diet will not help. Only the healthy and balanced nutrition meaning several rules:

  • for half an hour before meal to drink glass of water;
  • to eat fractionally (5-6 receptions small portions during the day);
  • to diversify daily diet with the food rich with microelements, vitamins and protein;
  • to refuse alcohol, sweet and farinaceous food and also carbonated drinks.

Saloon procedures

Clinics of esthetic medicine for recovery of postnatal stomach can offer:

  • wrappings (mud, with sea salt or seaweed);
  • anti-cellulite massage (it is carried out only at the end of the lactation period);
  • lymphatic drainage massage (it is possible to carry out to the lactation period).


The procedure means surgical intervention – excess fat deposits are removed from front wall of stomach, truncation of surplus of skin is carried out. Way the expensive and difficult, having set of contraindications and the long recovery period.

Restoration of shape of stomach after the delivery – process long, demanding patience and integrated approach. The visible result is observed after 8 weeks of work on itself.

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