How to get rid of undesirable hair folk remedies

How to get rid of undesirable hair folk remedies

Excessive growth of hair in the face, hands and legs, back and breast, in armpits and intimate zones can appear as during puberty, and much later. People aim to change the appearance and get rid of unnecessary hair.

In some cases the excessive growth of hair acquires the status of real problem. To exclude the serious reasons, namely hormonal violations, it is necessary to see doctor.

If it turns out that it is only harmless surplus of hair, then it is possible to resort to traditional ways - shaving, plucking out and epilation. But for some it is severe physical pain, and it is necessary to resort to these procedures quite often. In such cases cheaper and less painful methods will come to the rescue.

Mint – perfectly lowers the level of androgens in organism. Small amount of dry or fresh leaves of mint is made in one glass of water and insisted 5 minutes. It is enough to drink daily infusion cup that the level of androgens was normal.

Paste from basil and onions. Take 3-4 onions rings, 9 – 12 fresh leaves of basil and interrupt in paste. Use as ointment within month, applying on sites of excessive growth of hair.

Flour, yogurt, turmeric – will forever save from problem of excess hair. Natural yogurt (3 tablespoons), flour (2 tablespoons), turmeric powder (1/2 tsps) are mixed in paste and used as ointment within several months. This recipe will be suitable for face skin.

Honey and juice of lemon – remarkable means in fight against undesirable hair. 1 tsp of juice of lemon and 2 tablespoons of honey knead before receiving homogeneous mass, apply on zones with undesirable vegetation, maintain 15 minutes and wash away. To use means every other day.

The provided recipes are readily available, their components can be got in any shop or drugstore that considerably will save the family budget. But success of house epilation requires not only huge desire to conjure independently over production of "magic potions". The woman has to have huge number of free time.

It is also necessary to remember that ideal recipes do not exist, and skin and structure of hair of each woman are strictly individual. Therefore at the first experimental failures do not risk further, and address the cosmetologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team