How to get rid quickly of pimples

How to get rid quickly of pimples

Each person for certain at least once yes had pimples. In the market there are enough today means which advertizing promises that applying them, you will achieve that "skin will always remain clean and beautiful". Folk remedies the infinite set is thought up too. As to understand what really will help to get rid of pimples quickly?


1. When in mirror you see the reflection "decorated" with fresh heat-spot there is temptation it to squeeze out. Experts do not advise it to do. Afterwards it can inflame and become even more and more considerably, and on its place there can be scar. But if all of you have decided to squeeze out heat-spot, then it is necessary to take necessary precautionary measures.

2. Having carefully washed up hands and face, it is necessary to process heat-spot and the place around it alcohol-containing lotion or alcohol.

3. Then it is necessary to reel up a little bandage on finger-tips which you will squeeze out or to put to them cotton wool accidentally not to wound skin with nails. And after the procedure it is necessary prizhech wound.

4. Let's pass to cosmetics which will help to remove quickly all pimples from skin and will not allow them to appear again. First of all, it is necessary to get some or means for washing which part salicylic acid and also bactericidal substances is.

5. It is recommended to wash experts few times in day. The result will appear for the third day.

6. Surely wipe face with the special cleaning lotion from pimples. In day on the person settles a lot of dust - these pollution are imperceptible to eye, but they mix up with natural grease allocations, and time on skin is hammered that often leads to emergence of eels and black dots.

7. From folk remedies masks from clay and also calendula infusion are most effective. Best of all cleans, removes excess fat from skin, heals small wounds and also white and blue clay possesses the drying action. Dry clay is mixed with water and put on face and if there are problem zones - on body. It is necessary to hold mask 10-15 minutes and to wash away water. It is necessary to wipe with infusion of calendula face. Repeat the procedure several times in day.

8. When skin became clean and healthy again, you should not stop care of it at once. These procedures perfectly will help you to avoid appearance of new heat-spots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team