How to look younger and more beautiful

How to look younger and more beautiful

the years phrases greens – nature gold and youth is beautiful in itself begin to be remembered more often. Time goes, years postpone the print on face and body, and there is a wish to look younger and more beautiful at any age. For this purpose there is set of ways and various recommendations.


  1. Be cheerful and optimistic. The dissatisfied look, grief and hopelessness are capable to add age even to young face. If you smile or laugh – do it with all the heart. The general positive spirit and positive perception of life will help to feel several flyings more young.
  2. You watch over the health. Annually you have examinations, accept vitamins, play sports. The sport not only helps to strengthen body muscles, but also in general favorably affects condition of skin. It will help to keep longer body elastic, and complexion – bright. For the same purposes take contrast shower and finish each washing with rinsing of the person cold water.
  3. Pick up the correct hairstyle. The woman becomes more senior, the more to her add age long hair. Short hair or hair of average length are capable to make the person fresher. The bang will help to place emphasis in the eyes, to distract attention from the lower part of the person. Pick up the correct color. The most suitable option – is couple tones lighter than natural hair color. Do not choose gray tone, they look how gray hair, and too bright shades or white color look unnaturally.
  4. Replace the usual tone means with means with effect of smoothing or lifting. Carry out audit in make-up bag. With age will be best of all to look soft pastel tone of shadows, blush and lipstick. Give preference to various shades of brown. In make-up place emphasis on eyes, and for lips choose quiet shades, use bright colors of lipstick carefully. Do not do eyebrow too thin, let they will be average width with soft and equal bend.
  5. Put on according to age. It does not mean at all that during certain period of life it is necessary to refuse beautiful dresses and to put on flannel dressing gown with slippers. Be just reasonable when choosing clothes. Neon colors, short skirts and shoes on the platform well look only on young people. Pick up clothes which will favourably emphasize your advantages and will hide shortcomings, will add to you refinement and style.
  6. Pick up cosmetics from anti-aging series, use serums, you put masks. Visit beauty shops for holding more effective rejuvenating procedures. Register in massage, by means of it it is possible not only to improve health, but also to put face and body in order: to correct figure, to give fresh look to the face and to reduce quantity of wrinkles. If you are not afraid of scalpel, address to clinic of esthetic surgery – planimetric face lifting helps to increase considerably difference between the blossoming appearance and the number of years in the passport.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team