8 councils how to look much younger

8 councils how to look much younger

to look much younger? Women all over the world regardless of education level, income and marital status ask this question. Desire to look much younger does not correlate directly with age, and there is flying so with 30, sometimes without the reasons seen on that.

It is required to you

  • It is necessary to pay tribute to mass culture and development of public consciousness: 30-year anniversary is not any more that boundary behind which girl automatically turns into woman and withdraws. As age framework of creation of family and the birth of children move, extend also our ideas of age at which youth is replaced by maturity. And, nevertheless, figure 30 acts on many magically, forcing to have a ball if only to look much younger.
  • Closer by 40 years the question How to Look Much Younger? accepts already more relevant sounding as age signs are shown more and more clearly, and the saved-up fatigue has an effect.
  • Desire to look much younger – quite natural desire of any woman, confidence in own appeal – important component of self-assessment. Unfortunately, time does not spare anybody, and it is just impossible to look on 25 flyings in 50, but to look 10-15 flyings younger than the real age – quite attainable aim.


  1. Master art of makiyazhayesla you did not use decorative cosmetics earlier – now not time to begin. Many women wishing to look younger than the age will make the same beauty-mistake – begin to be painted brightly. First, sharp change of image will draw attention to changes in your appearance, having involuntarily forced acquaintances to peer at your face more fixedly. Secondly, the bright make-up in saturated, dark tones – namely such for some reason is chosen by women for … – visually adds age. Be not afraid to look gray mouse – subtle, pastel shades of lipstick, shadows and powder will give to your image of freshness and youth. Leave dark and saturated shades of lipstick and shadows for solemn occasions and evening receptions. Light nacre in make-up when it is appropriate on situation, will also play into the hands of you. Look after lips – feed and moisten them, if necessary use special srubs for lips. The moistened smooth lips – one of great ways to deceive age. Pick up lipstick shade which suits your type of appearance if still it was made. The you become more senior, the beauty-mistakes are more expensive. Pay special attention to form and color of eyebrows. Successfully picked up form will help you to refresh and facilitate image and to look younger than the real age. Too wide or too thin eyebrows are equally unsuccessful in terms of anti-aging make-up. Try to find golden mean independently or by means of the cosmetologist. If you use tone means, refuse means with dense texture in favor of more liquid, and replace compact powder friable. Rolling down in wrinkles, tone means with dense texture will only emphasize your age, but will not hide pigmental spots and other manifestations of age changes of skin. The hair color is also strizhkasushchestvut by two popular beliefs concerning what hair women have to have aged. It is considered that with age the hair color has to become is lighter, and the hairstyle is shorter. The first is partly right, and here the second – with big stretch. In fact, if you wish to look much younger, refuse coloring of hair in tone, more dark, than your natural color. Attempt to be recoloured in the blonde – often the incorrect decision. First, with age hair become weaker, brittle and vulnerable, grow more slowly and drop out more, and blondirovaniye – quite aggressive procedure. Why to subject the hair to such stress? Secondly, as we already spoke, sharp changes in shape only draw attention to age changes. If you want to be clarified, then do it gradually, is no more than 1-2 tones lighter for one coloring. Try to play with tones and color, perhaps, the brondirovaniye or other technology of not monophonic coloring will become for you excellent alternative to full clarification. As for length of hair, the short hairstyle will not help you to look much younger, and it is rather opposite, will emphasize age. If you all life went with long hair, and years in 40 suddenly cut them under caret, then give very accurate signal to people around: I consider that I am already elderly, now I can go only with short hair. Do you the truth of it want? Look at the Hollywood actresses at the age of 45 and is more senior: whether many of them have passed to short hairstyle? One more argument in favor of long hairstyle: opportunity to distract attention from neck which gives the first age of the woman. If you want to look younger, be not cut shortly, especially if your neck already bears on itself time marks, face form подсполз and the second chin was outlined. The short hairstyle can be justified, perhaps, only when the condition of hair has sharply worsened with age, and the accurate shortened hairstyle helps to hide it.
  2. Work over vzglyadomvozmozhno, you are surprised, but often the look prevents you to look much younger. All life experience – positive and negative – is reflected at you in eyes and in face in general. Look at the youthful photos. What do you see? The careless, naughty, not obscured by problems look with sparkles. Certainly, it is difficult to look at the world eyes of the 20-year-old girl in 40 years, but try not to frown at least, hardly considerably smile as though having fallen into a reverie about something fine. If such young look is given you hard, at first train in front of the mirror. Over time you get used, and people around by all means will note changes in your shape. Pass on you from solntsemesla you want to look much younger, refuse campaigns in sunbed and limit suntan in natural beams of the sun. First, suntan does you is more senior purely visually, and secondly, UV rays dry skin which already has problems with production of collagen and deduction of moisture owing to age changes. Take yourself for the rule not to appear on the street without sunblock cream and, whenever possible, headdress. If summer and the beach for you synonyms, then buy sunblock cream with the maximum level of protection, hat with wide fields and beach umbrella and visit the beach only with such regimentals.
  3. Pay attention to state kozhivtory over what it is necessary to work if you want to look much younger – condition of your skin. To look after skin it is better to begin at teenage age, but if you still perceived the appearance and the skin as due, then to begin all the same never early. First, it is necessary to pick up means for basic skin care, the most suitable for you. Sometimes even basic clarification and moistening happens enough considerably to improve appearance. Pick up anti-aging care, but you do not aim to buy up half of shop: does not mean better any more, and excess leaving can be not less harmful to beauty of your skin, than its total absence. Even if you have no wrinkles and other visible signs of withering of skin, to look after it it is necessary to begin already now, it is always simpler to prevent problem, than to liquidate consequences. Remember that forming of wrinkles – process not fulminant therefore you work for advancing. For women who want to look much younger, the regular sparing peelings – cosmetic must have. Process of renewal of cells of skin goes constantly, but after 30 years the peeling of old cages slows down. Imagine the furniture covered with dust layer – as well skin of your person looks become gray and not peeled cages which have grown dull under layer. Regular use of soft peelings and srubs helps to activate process of updating of skin and to improve inflow of oxygen to fabrics. Show firmness of character and try not to fall the victim of aggressive advertizing which imposes to women more procedures, than it is necessary in reality. Whenever possible find the good cosmetologist and get at least individual advice on care for skin if regular procedures of the road for you. To certain age home care – adequate alternative of esthetic cosmetology. Get rid of excess vesavot to you simple council how to look much younger – get rid of excess weight if you have it. Each excess 5 kg visually add about 5 years so, having dumped 10 kg, it is possible to look about 10 years younger. To find time for sports activities in busy schedule work family often it is very difficult, but elementary loadings and changes in food allowance will help you to lose weight and come to tone. Do you work in the high-rise building? Walk on the floor upstairs, but not on the elevator. Office on the first floor? Park the car far away from office, you go out of the bus on stop earlier or have dinner in the cafe located not in your business center. Pick up suitable aromatesl you want to look much younger, choose the light, young aromas suitable you on temperament. Pick up to yourself quality resistant perfume with notes of citrus, grass and easy fruit notes. Too sweet spirits, as well as oriental compositions, are not recommended to you, so they add age.

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