How to make face skin young

How to make face skin young

It is quite misleading to begin to care for skin youth after 30 flyings. It is necessary to watch its state from the youth not to be engaged in elimination of premature wrinkles, and just as long as possible to support the person in excellent condition. For this purpose it is necessary to follow several immutable rules only.


1. OchishchenieBez of this main stage is impossible good skin care. Pick up suitable means and twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, use it for refreshing of the face and neck and removal of cosmetics. Consider that around eyes it is necessary to apply special lotion to skin.

2. UvlazhneniePosle of that as skin is cleaned, it should be humidified with tonic. Any of them well gets into time and maintains elasticity of the face and neck. Also pick up tonic lotion, proceeding from type of your skin. Means with the high content of alcohol are suitable for fat, dry it is better to process lotions on the basis of herbs, etc. After that it is possible to apply cream – night or day, depending on time of day.

3. Pilingy it is necessary to do at least once in three weeks. For such term of skin cell are updated, but they will gradually peel. Therefore the devitalized epithelium should be removed that the face was smooth and shining. Srubs with fine abrasive particles will be suitable for the person.

4. That it to carry out massage, not obligatory to address to beauty shop at all and to pay a fantastic sum to experts. In youth there will quite be enough house procedures which any girl is able to make. It is the best of all to massage face and neck in the evening, after imposing of nutritious cream. Just tap and stroke skin from below up and in the parties from the center. Thus you will strengthen metabolism, will raise tone of fabrics, improve blood-groove. And wrinkles will develop much later.

5. Food Skin should be nourished not only outside, but also from within. Eat fruit and vegetables, whole cereals, accept vitamins A and E. All this will help to save face to young people.

6. ZashchitaOdin from the main enemies of skin – ultraviolet. Therefore since youth do not abuse stay in the sun. And if you like to sunbathe, at least protect face – use sunblock creams, you wear hats with wide fields. Thereby you will delay appearance of wrinkles and pigmental spots.

7. KurenieS this addiction it is necessary to leave if you want that the person remained young longer. From nicotine the production of collagen and elastin in skin decreases. And it leads to early aging. So choose – either youth, or doubtful pleasure.

8. If since early years you observe all data above the recommendation, you should not already in 30 resort to injections of hyaluronic acid or Botox, and in 40 to go for operational tightening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team