How to make frequent highlighting

How to make frequent highlighting

How many times from pages of glossy magazines, apparently, sounded words that highlighting – it is unfashionable that it is yesterday, however this simple procedure still remains the simplest way to change the image and to create the updated image. How to make frequent highlighting? In this respect it is possible to give three most obvious advice.

Go to hairdressing salon better!

It is banal, but it is reasonable: if at wishing to gain effect of light-dark locks on the head there is no experience in carrying out highlighting at home at all, it is better to entrust this business to the professional. The hairdresser not only will make it professionally and qualitatively, but also will offer several options as it can be done depending on desired the client of result.

If some experience in this question is already available, it is possible to try to lighten independently locks at home. Two main ways – highlighting "on foil" and by means of special hat.

How to make frequent highlighting by means of hat?

For certain in specialized shops for hairdressers many saw such hats – dense rubber "panamas" with the edges which are bent up and set of small openings on cap cloth. With their help it is possible to lighten locks though it is rare though it is frequent – very conveniently and simply.

To make frequent highlighting by means of hat is the most optimum and easy way to itself to lighten locks. The only shortcoming – seldom is possible to make highlighting from the roots.

It is necessary to prepare means for highlighting, special brush for hair, hat and hairbrush with thin metal tip, and it is even better – usual metal hook for knitting. The last are necessary to get locks from openings in hat. It is necessary to get locks of hair from under hat in that quantity what intensity and frequency there is a wish to receive highlighting. Then with brush for painting of hair it is applied on the extended hair, and we wait the put 25-40 minutes. We wash away, we dry hair, we admire result!

Highlighting "on foil"

If suddenly it is impossible to get hat for frequent highlighting anywhere, it is possible to resort to other way – lightening of locks by means of usual food foil. However this way has essential shortcomings. First, it is difficult to make so frequent highlighting, as by means of hat.

"On foil" to do highlighting more difficult and longer, than by means of hat. Besides, the frequent lightening wishing to make will hardly turn out.

Secondly, the risk inadvertently is high to drip on the unprotected hair to lighten, besides the necessary locks, the neighboring sites that will look absolutely ugly and coarsely. This way is suitable rather for lightening of separate not numerous locks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team