How to make hair straight and smooth

How to make hair straight and smooth

Ideally smooth and straight hair looks very beautifully. They stream and shine, look healthy and well-groomed. It is recommended to straighten hair and before their wave - such reception will make curls more equal and beautiful. For smoothing of hair it is possible to use special cosmetics and also electric devices - for example, the iron.

It is required to you

  • - the straightening shampoo and the conditioner;
  • - smoothing cream;
  • - iron for hair;
  • - thermoprotective spray;
  • - hairspray.


  1. The most effective way for smoothing of hair - integrated approach. Buy professional shampoo and the conditioner. These means contain the silicones which are slightly making heavier and straightening hair. Besides they add gloss, do locks silky and very nice on the touch. The spray removing surplus of static electricity will help to get rid of the puffing-up short hairs. Process it hair daily - spray does not clash with other laying means and does not cause the excess fat content of hair.
  2. Slightly wavy hair can be smoothed by means of special cream. It is simple to use it. Pound small portion of means in palms, and then distribute it on dry clean hair and comb locks hairbrush with rare teeths. Cream does not make heavier hair, gives them delicate, pleasant aroma. On sale there are means intended for different shades of hair - they not only straighten curls, but also maintain their color and gloss.
  3. The effective assistant for transformation of wavy hair in ideally direct and smooth - electronippers or irons. These devices have wide plates between which it is necessary to pass locks serially. Choose irons with ionization function - they remove surplus of static electricity. Not to spoil hair, buy the device with the smooth ceramic plates which are not clinging and not tearing lock. For thick and long hair nippers with wide massive plates are necessary, mini-models with thin blades will be suitable for shorter.
  4. To set effect and to protect hair from damages, before processing by nippers moisten them with thermoprotective spray. Carefully spray it on all length, trying not to get on roots. After smoothing process hairstyle varnish of moderate fixing with effect of gloss - it will well set result.
  5. If you are interested not only in smoothness of hair, but also their volume, apply small cunning. Clamp rather narrow lock between plates of nippers at roots, and then lift nippers vertically and record for several seconds. Then carefully conduct the iron to tips of hair. Repeat reception with all locks, let's hair cool down, you sprysnit them varnish and lay brush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team